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Educators learn more about………Collections of the past, Dinosaur Discovery


Dinosaur Discovery is an interdisciplinary learning experience developed for first level and second level learners and is part of the Collections of the Past learning opportunities with the National Museum of Scotland.

The Dinosaur Discovery planning guidance  provides practitioners with an overview of the learning experiences using the NAR flow chart process. Educators can adapt this guidance to meet the needs of the learners they teach.

Dinosaur Discovery creates a context in which learners can be supported to explore evidence from the past, be posed questions to gain greater insight into the life of dinosaurs and how their fossils, bones and other evidence can be used to tell us about the history of the earth. Learners will be encouraged to:

  • Develop a curiosity and understanding of their environment and the past
  • Undertake simple scientific investigations using practical techniques
  • Explore a range of media to create images and objects
  • Be creative
  • Share and learn with peers through Glow

These challenges will be live in September 2013 with a live Glow TV event with the National Museum of Scotland on the 20th September at 1.30pm . Afterwards they will be made available as packs of learning, teaching and assessment resources in the Collections from the Past Channel on Glow.

This learning experience has been developed to work towards supporting the delivery of

The Curriculum for Excellence Implementation Plan 2012-13

The Sciences 3-18 Curriculum Impact Project Summary of Key Strengths and Aspects for Development

ICT in Education Objectives

Collections of the past – Dinosaur Discovery

What kind of dinosaurs do you know about? Which was the largest, which was the smallest, which had the most horns, or longest neck, or which ate the most food? How can we learn more about the dinosaurs that ruled the earth using evidence and fossils and what they can tell us about the history of the earth? What type of dinosaurs roamed the planet and where did they go?

Visit the National Museum of Scotland through Glow TV to be inspired and amazed by the fossil and bone evidence and go on a Dinosaur discovery. Explore some dino data to find out what we can tell about dinosaurs, their size, what they ate and who would be predator or prey. Meet the 12 metre long life-sixed cast of a T.rex to see the scale and power of the real thing and share your own dinosaur creations.

  • Look carefully at evidence
  • Share what you see
  • Record your findings
  • Ask questions
  • Share your ideas
  • Make collections with others

  • Museum curators
  • Scientists
  • The National Museum of Scotland
  • Other learners from across Scotland

Educators can find out more about our Collections of the past – Dinosaur Discovery learning opportunity here.

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