Educators learn more about ……. The Great Scottish Schools Bake Off!

Educators learn more about

The Great Scottish Schools Bake Off is an interdisciplinary learning experience developed for first, second and third  level learners.  Learning experiences will be supported in the kitchen learning space in Glow from September 2013.   Sharing the learning process in Glow will increase opportunities for learners to access specialists and learn with others across Scotland.

The Great Scottish Schools Bake off outline provides practitioners with an overview of the learning experiences using the NAR flow chart process and the publication ‘Taking a closer look at NAR.  Educators should adapt this guidance to meet the needs of the learners they teach.

The Great Scottish Schools Bake Off creates a meaningful context in which learners can be supported to improve their understanding in sourcing local food producers, hygienic and safe practical cooking techniques, healthy eating, financial education and enterprise. A series of measurement learning experiences are being developed to address areas of weakness identified by the Scottish Survey of Literacy and Numeracy. These will work towards improving learners understanding and skill in measurement.

Baking techniques will be demonstrated by leading chefs from across Scotland. These inspirational role models will aim to instil a sense of pride and value in preparing and cooking food with local Scottish ingredients.

The first of four bake offs is the Muffin Bake Off live from the Cooking Bus at Dundee on 3rd September at 10am

You can sign your class up on Glow TV

Recipe sheets for the Muffin Bake-off are

Beetroot and chocolate muffins

Fruit muffins

The presentation for the Muffin Bake-Off is on Prezi

Afterwards learning experiences will be made available as packs of learning, teaching and assessment resources in the Health and Wellbeing Learning Channel on Glow.

This learning experience has been developed to work towards supporting the delivery of:

The Curriculum for Excellence Implementation Plan 2012-13

The results of the Scottish Survey of literacy and numeracy

ICT in Education Objectives

Health and wellbeing experiences and outcomes, Food for thought