Wyndford Nursery

Our visions, values and aims

In Wyndford Nursery we wish only the very best for our children, families and staff. We provide for each child and their family a welcoming, caring ethos where children are happy, relaxed and motivated to learn and are supported to overcome any potential barriers to their learning. In the same way, we work to ensure that our families are comfortable, build  trusting relationships, feel a sense of belonging and are secure that help will be available to them should they require it. Given the diversity within our nursery community, we have a strong commitment to ensure that information is presented to families in a manner which is accessible.

We will provide a service based on the principles behind the National Health and Social Care Standards: my support, my life. Our service will communicate our commitment to ensure users experience dignity and respect, compassion, be included, responsive care and support and wellbeing. Our broad aim is to provide a high quality, enriching environment where everyone feels supported and included, respected, has a sense of belonging and is encouraged to achieve their potential.

In order to realise this, our specific aims are-


  • To promote the achievement and attainment of all learners at a pace that is right for them, by promoting equal opportunities, social justice and inclusive practices which celebrate democracy.
  • To foster within children an understanding of the importance of establishing healthy life patterns.
  • To nurture the conditions for each child, family and educator to grow and develop within a ‘safe’ community; rooted in a culture of listening; with a positive sense of self and which celebrates adult and child learning with, and from, each other.
  • To provide an high quality, broad and balanced, inclusive curriculum that enables all children to achieve their potential through  invitations to explore and investigate; wonder and question; create and innovate.
  • To draw on the skills and talents within our community to create learning opportunities for children that inspire skills for work and lifelong learning; offering an open invitation to engage in a manner that feels comfortable.
  • To emphasise the rights and responsibilities of individuals in their communities; helping children to develop concern, tolerance, care and respect for themselves and others’ cultures and beliefs.
  • To support children to build up a strong foundation of knowledge and understanding which will guide them to be considered in their judgement and support them in making a valuable contribution to society.

We are committed to the creation and nurturing of an environment which-

  • Celebrates the important work of children’s play by offering rich, open ended, natural, loose materials.
  • ‘Goes beyond’ in order to influence and be influenced by the wider community by being true to and integral within the local environment; by listening to families in order to build trusting, inviting relationships in close partnership with skilled educators.
  • Is physically safe and promotes the development of children’s thinking skills.
  • Is interesting and challenging; promotes curiosity and enquiry, offers sensorial stimulation and an aesthetic awareness
  • Supports children’s development rather than merely amusing them.
  • Demonstrates the unity of inside- outside learning opportunities and which reflects the wider world.
  • Promotes interdependence as well as independence, community as well as individuality and responsibility as well as freedom

In our efforts to achieve these aims, we will be guided by the following principles which recognise connections within the influences of Froebel, Reggio and Highscope

A recognition of the uniqueness of each child’s capacity and potential.

A holistic view of each child’s development.

A recognition of the importance of play as a central integrating element in a child’s development and learning and the role of real objects/ loose parts as an important part of this.

An ecological awareness of the impact of human kind in the natural world.

A recognition of the importance of the rights of every child.

A recognition of each child belonging to family and community.

A recognition of the impact of the  organisation of an enabling environment- affording freedom with guidance.

A recognition of the importance of sustaining  high quality educators who are skilled observers and well -placed to support and challenge children’s development and learning, by learning alongside.

A recognition of the importance of children being able to anticipate their environment, in order to independently make choices within it.

A recognition of the need to have shared understanding of the image of the child.

A recognition of the importance of  listening ‘with all of the senses’; nurturing opportunities for children and families to use their voices to shape community; encourage opportunities for children to revisit their previous thinking.

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