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Primary 3b…….17th May


This week we have learned lots and got to enjoy lots of time outside because the weather has been beautiful.

We have been learning to make ‘Roly Poly’ toys as part of digital week.  We used toilet rolls and paper plates and lots of pretty colours to decorate them.  As part of our topic we looked at the Spanish artist Salvador Dali, and we drew portraits of ourselves and added moustaches to look just like him.  We now know his most famous painting was ‘The persistence of memory’.

Also, we had a scavenger hunt outside and had lots of fun. We tended to our flower bed preparing it for planting our seeds.  As part of numeracy, we took our metre sticks and measured things in the Field of dreams.


Primary 3b 3rd May 2019


In Primary 3b, as part of our topic,  we have been learning about Spanish words and practising them in the class.  Also, we learned about famous landmarks in Spain and carried out research in ICT to create a Spanish Fact file. We have also learned to measure in centimetres using our rulers.  Our spelling words this week followed the rule ‘ough’ and we created silly sentences at home using these. In Literacy we wrote rhyming poems and we had lots of fun creating these in partners. As part of health we were talking about being safe in the sun and we designed posters to raise awareness of this issue.


We have felt successful when:

  • I spoke Spanish words.
  • I created a poem that rhymed.
  • In P.E. I managed a move I couldn’t do before.
  • I measured lines correctly in cm.


We have been learning about:

  • Measurement and we went outside and worked I pairs to measure each other. We learned about centimetres and metres.
  • Our new topic which is Spain, We spoke about what we know already and what we would like to find out during this topic.
  • Oor Wullie and how we have to design one that will be placed somewhere in Scotland.
  • Pet shops and we had to decide whether we agreed that they should exist and give reasons why.
  • Circuits in P.E. and learning new skills at each station.


We have felt successful when:

  • I managed to do well I each station during P.E.
  • I completed my acrostic poem on a subject I loved.
  • I completed my daily mile.

Primary 3b 22.3.19

In Primary 3b we have been learning  :

  • In Maths we have been learning about quarter past, half past and quarter to. We have also been learning to subtract with borrowing.
  • We have been reading our new book The Creakers by Tom Fletcher and we have been illustrating the front cover and discussing what we think will happen next.
  • We have been writing Amazing diary entries and using our imagination and VCOP.
  • In P.E. we had our dance finale and have been practising our gymnastics.
  • In ICT we have been using Microsoft Word to type up our ‘If I was’ poems and making them look nice by changing the font, size and colour. We also have been adding pictures from Clipart and Google searches.

We have felt successful when:

  • We came up with a good routine in Gymnastics.
  • I did my very best in my Maths assessment.
  • I completed my writing task.
  • I wrote my own poem and typed it up on the computer.


22nd February 2019

In Primary 3b we have been learning lots of interesting things. In Numeracy we have been learning about AM/PM and also consolidating our learning in addition with carrying of Tens and Units.  In Literacy, we wrote a set of instructions about our skittle experiment and we also wrote a character description on a character from The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark. As part of Religious education we were learning about the story of the lost sheep and we talked about all the boys and girls making their First Reconciliation.

In P.E. we enjoyed adding more moves to our Tsunami dance and we relaxed during our yoga session. We feel that we have tried hard with our reading skills this week and look forward to starting a new class book as we have finished The Owl Who Was afraid of the Dark. In ICT we learned about safety when on the Internet and we all now know what information we shouldn’t share online.

8th February 2019


  1. What have you been learning about?

As part of topic we have been learning about weather and we all went outside to fill out our weather diaries. In Maths, We also learned carrying with Tens and Units and rounding to the nearest ten. We have been learning about the Mission X programme and did some exercises and learned about being healthy. In ICT we used a search engine to find out facts about Tsunamis for our dance homework.


What have you enjoyed in school this week?


  • Taking part In the skittle experiment
  • Learning the next part of our Tsunami dance.
  • Going outside to learn abut weather
  • Finding out facts about tsunamis in ICT
  • Going to the cinema to see The Incredibles 2
  • Making posters for dance abut tsunamis
  • Making empire biscuits and writing about it

3. What have been your successes in school this week?

  • Getting stickers for improving in maths and Literacy
  • Our skittles experiment went really well
  • Finding out 8 facts about Tsunamis
  • Getting a better mark last week in my spelling check.


Our Learning-21/1/19

What have you been learning about?

  • We have learned about different climates around the world.
  • We learned about different types of weather.
  • We learned to round to the nearest ten.
  • We read chapter 4 of Owl who was afraid of the dark.

What have you enjoyed in school this week?

  • Learning our new dance based on a Tsunami
  • Performing our Gaelic song at the Robert Burns assembly
  • Making our mosaic rainbow

What have been your successes in school this week?

  • Getting answers correct in my mental maths
  • Winning Maths Bingo
  • Correctly predicting what will happen in the next chapter of our class novel.

Our Learning-12/11/18


We had our play activities with the  Jeely Piece Club and we did outside learning in the rain-it was great fun! We worked together and had to be good listeners.

We have been learning about Florence Nightingale and  ‘The Badly Behaved Bus’

We were very successful at reading to our carers who came into our class on Tuesday afternoon.


Our Learning in P3b

We have been learning about Florence Nightingale. She worked in hospitals in the 1800s.

In art we were creating Halloween pictures. In maths and numeracy we have been working on our times tables. We have learned the ‘wr’ sound this week.

We have enjoyed going outside to work with Jeely Piece and the Play Champs.

We got to do, outdoor learning and active play.  Learning our tables was fun this week.  We really enjoyed learning about Florence Nightingale.

Our Successes

  • Most of us got 10/10 for our maths test!!
  • Beryl got star of the week for doing extra homework!
  • We were successful in learning facts about Florence Nightingale