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Our learning 17th May 2019

This week was digital learning week. We had great fun using Bee Bots with the digital leaders. It was such a fun workshop. We looked at how digital technology has changed over the years.  Mrs Boyle told us about what kind of technology there was in the 1980s and 90s and how it’s changed so much over the years.

We did a STEM challenge this week which was called the Roly Poly challenge. We used paper plates and toilet rolls or kitchen roll tubes to make a wheel. We then videod these rolling in the corridor to see how far they would roll. Most of them worked very well!

We have also been working on our flower bed in the Field of Dreams which was full of weeds. With a bit of hard work and effort from us all we have made it look good again.  6F608C2E-E1B7-479C-BD58-DE8AA6A48AE3

Our Learning 3rd May 2019

This week we have been learning about a Spanish artist called Pablo Picasso.  We looked at some of his work and we used oil pastels to draw our own Picasso inspired faces. They looked great and we had so much fun doing them! In literacy this week we were very successful at doing acrostic poems. We brainstormed lots of words associated with summer and wrote a summer acrostic poem. In numeracy we have been continuing to learn our times tables. We are getting much faster at remembering them! 

P3a 26th April 2019

This week we have been learning about arrays in Numeracy. We had fun using pom poms to make arrays for different times table sums.  We also completed our daily mile this week along with our active schools co-ordinator.  We were exhausted! Our new topic this term is Spain so we  discussed what we already knew about Spain and made a mind map with all of our ideas. In Literacy we were very successful  at uplevelling our sentences.  The teacher is looking forward to lots more interesting sentences this term!

Our Learning – 22nd March 2019

In P3a we have been reading The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark and working hard on comprehension questions.  We drew wonderful Owl pictures for a class display.  In numeracy we have been learning all about 3d shapes and we have also been learning our 5 times table.  This week in health we were learning about eating healthy and keeping our teeth clean. Last week we did our dance display for our parents.  We had so much fun and hope the parents enjoyed it.  Thank you so much for coming to see us!

February 22nd February

This week P3a have been  enjoying doing times table challenges against each other. We have also been enjoying working with money in numeracy. We really enjoyed doing the Skittle experiment this week and after working in groups we wrote up instructions for our experiment. It was so much fun. We have been successful using Sumdog during ICT time. 

Our Learning-21.1.19

This week we have been learning a new reading skill -making inferences. We have been finding clues in texts to find out more about the story.  We have also been learning how to round numbers to the nearest 10.  In topic work we having been keeping a record of the weather.

We enjoyed making a rain gauge this week as part of our topic. We also enjoyed performing for our Burns Assembly.

We have been successful learning our 3 times table.

Our Learning-12/11/18

We have been learning about verbs in Literacy this week. We know that verbs are action words.

We have also been learning numbers to 1000 and have been putting them in order.

We enjoyed having parents and P7s in the help with Reading for Enjoyment this week. We also enjoyed writing character descriptions of The Gruffalo.

We have been successful in learning our 2 times table and working with numbers to 1000.



Our Learning in P3a

This week we started  our new topic Florence Nightingale.  We have been learning about why she is famous.

In maths this week we have been learning about time. We have been revising o’clock and half past.

We enjoyed making pumpkins in art .  We used half an apple and dipped it in paint to print our pumpkins. It was fun. We also enjoyed getting out to use the outdoor play equipment.

We were very successful in Big Writing this week. We wrote excellent stories called If my teacher turned into a witch.  We used lots of interesting vocabulary!


Our Learning in P3a

This week we have been learning about the Rosary as October is the month of the Holy Rosary. We learned why we use rosary beads and what each bead stands for. In numeracy we have been learning about tens and units and how to add on 9.

We enjoyed presenting our Display of Knowledge on Glasgow to our  parents. Look at our fabulous work!


We also made some beautiful stained glass windows for the month of the rosary which we enjoyed.


We were very successful in numeracy this week and we were so good at tens and units that we will be moving on to hundreds tens and units next week.