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In P2a we have been learning about Captain Robert Scott, a famous Scottish explorer.

We enjoyed painting Antarctica backgrounds and drawing Scott’s ship.  It was called “The Discovery,” and we learned that it is now a museum ship in Dundee.

Our favourite activity was taking part in PEPASS Physical literacy with Mr Penman and some of our parents.

P2b News

1. What have you been learning about?

We have been developing routines in PE and developing our ball skills.
We have also been learning our ‘igh’ sound like sight, night and light!
We have been using our knowledge of 19 to find missing numbers and counting to 100 in 1s 2s 5s and 10s.

2. What have you enjoyed in school this week?

We enjoyed drawing portraits of each other and using different colours to draw our highland cows.
I enjoyed writing my news.
Some of us enjoyed the school trip as we got to have popcorn!

3. What have been your successes in school this week?

‘I have done really well at my adding’ Oliwia
‘I am getting better at knowing my letters’ Caoimhe
‘I have been star of the week for my numbers’ Hayley T
‘ I was star of the week for always following the class rules and being a good rolemodel’ Theresa

Our Learning in P2b

In Social Studies we have been learning about dinosaur. We have been comparing different types of dinosaur- Stegosauruses had spikey backs. A T-rex would have hard skin and sharp teeth.

We have also learned about when dinosaurs lived. We know they lived millions of years ago because they are now fossils which we can look at.

In Literacy we have been learning about ‘ay’. We have learned how to make words out of ay.

We have enjoyed learning ways to add in numeracy. We have learned that putting the bigger number first helps us to add quicker and easier.

Caoimhe- I enjoyed couting from 1 to 7.

We have been writing about Autumn. We have enjoyed picking and talking about all the different colours of the leaves.  We have also written about aliens, we have been successful in being able to  write our own sentences.