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P1c week ending 8/11/19

P1c have been very busy. Last week was ‘Outdoor learning day’. We created bird feeders, and hung them outside on the Field of Dreams. Go on to Twitter and see some pictures of this, we had so much fun!

We learned all about Remembrance day, and created our own Poppy art for this. We also celebrated All Saints Day, and All Souls Day with the whole school, at mass with Fr. Hill.

We have learned the new sounds f and o within our Literacy, and 13 and 14 within our Numeracy. We also have looked closely at 3d shapes.

Well done to our most recent Stars of the Week Millie and Paulina, well deserved girls.

We are very excited about our upcoming Nativity show, and have started to practise for this.

Week end 29/9/19

P1c have been busy bees! We have learned the new sounds r and m, within our Literacy. As well as looked closely at sentence structure. We now have a Star Writers board outside our classroom, where some fantastic work can be seen. Last week’s Star Writers were Ava Rose and Zi Xi for their Humpty Dumpty sentence, and this weeks is Miyar and Haya for their sentence. Fantastic work!

In numeracy we have been learning all about the numbers 6 and 7, as well as number order to and from 0-20. We also learned about 2d shapes.

Well done to our Stars of the Week Oliwia and Nelly!

Remember to look at our school Twitter page where there are lots of photos of us learning through play! @vincents_st


P1c have been learning the new sounds s,i,p and n in our Literacy. In Numeracy, we looked at the numbers 2,3,4 and 5. We used many play activities to help us enhance our learning within both our Literacy and Numeracy, including play dough, painting and with glitter. We also looked at Nursery rhymes within our writing.

We have a Music teacher, Miss Hunter, each second Monday who we really look forward to seeing. We are fantastic singers!

We have been focussing on concepts of print each day, and can confidently say what each part of a book is… ask us!

Well done to our two Star of the Week’s… Kian who won his award for being such a kind friend, and Zi Xi who won her award for her fantastic effort in each area of the curriculum.

Keep up the hard work, P1c.


Primary 1c First blog 2019/20

Hello everyone,

Primary 1c have settled well in to school life. We have been learning how to hold a pencil properly, and this has helped us when learning our new sounds a, t, s, and new numbers 0,1,2.

We have also been looking at nursery rhymes, and even created an active story of Mary had a little lamb.

This week we will be looking at Creation, look out for our art display for our class altar on this.

We can’t wait to do more fantastic work in our fantastic school.

What we have been learning wk beginning 4/2/19

In primary 1c,  it was our topic week on ‘Fairy tales’. We loved learning all about fairy-tale princes and princesses, as well as modern day prince and princesses. We learned all about castles, and we compared clothes, food, drinks and homes from older times to new.

Within our topic, we compared different fairy-tale stories, characters and settings. When looking at ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, we discussed talking to strangers, and why we should try our best to avoid doing so. We also created ‘Wanted’ posters for the Big, Bad, Wolf, as well as created charcoal drawings of the wolf.  Within ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’, we discussed the language of big, bigger and biggest, and this linked with our numeracy. We compared the characters from Cinderella and Snow White.


Our Learning-21/1/19

In primary 1c, we have loved being back to school, after our Christmas break!

In literacy, we have now learned all 26 sounds of the alphabet. We have been looking at what is important in a sentence- full stop, capital letters, and finger spaces. We have created sentences using a who, when, where.

In numeracy, we have been using addition. We used our school grounds to do outdoor learning of addition with chalk, with a partner. This was really fun!

In RE, we learned all about Noah’s ark, and why rainbows are important in that story.

We learned about Robert Burns, and sung ‘My Bonnie’ in front of the whole school at assembly.

We can’t wait until our topic week next week on ‘Fairytales’.


Our Learning-12/11/18

In primary 1c this week we have been super busy!

In Numeracy, we were learning all about 3d shapes. We worked as a team to sort each shape, and had so much fun in doing so!


In RE, we learned all about Remembrance Sunday. We sung “We’ll meet again” by Vera Lynn at our school assembly. We also created our own art work.

In health, we have been completing the Daily Mile each Tuesday afternoon. We have learned that this keeps us active, and healthy.


Our Learning

In Numeracy, we have been learning all about the numbers 11 and 12. We used lots of different play activities to help us gain more knowledge. We also worked together in teams to try and challenge ourselves by creating a 0-20 number line. Look at those happy and proud faces!

In Literacy, we have been learning all about the sounds ‘g’ and ‘l’. We have also learned the importance of a finger space, full stop and capital letter.


We learned all about being safe on Fireworks night. We even pretended we were outside watching real fireworks, in class.




Our Learning in P1c

In Primary 1c this week, during Literacy, we have been learning our new sounds ‘d’ and ‘e’. We loved using different play activities to help with our learning. Here some of us are using play dough to learn our sounds.







We also had music this week with Miss Hunter. We joined with some of p1b, and made good use of our singing voices.


In Numeracy, we were learning all about the numbers 8 and 9. We liked listening to songs about these numbers, and dancing along to these songs. We especially loved using pom poms to make each number. We love maths in p1c! Here some of us are using our fun activities.


In RE, we learned all about the Rosary, and how important this is to Christians. We learned all about Mary, and how she was so special. We created a beautiful altar to celebrate our Blessed Mother.