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Week Ending 6th September 2019

Primary 1b have been busy once again! We have been learning the sounds-s, i, p and n. The boys and girls know the Jolly Phonics songs for the sounds they have worked on so far-they might like to sing them at home! For Big Writing we have been acting out and writing a sentence each about the Nursery Rhymes “Jack and Jill” and “Humpty Dumpty”. In addition, we have been doing work on the numbers 2, 3, 4 and 5.

We welcomed Miss Hunter last Monday to our class for Music. Miss Hunter has been coming to our school for a few years now and the children always enjoy her lessons! We will have Music every second Monday.

A big “Well Done” to our “Stars of the week”-Jayden and Kiana! They won for being kind to their peers and trying their best with all tasks. I wonder who will be our next “Star”……

Primary 1b

Primary 1b have settled well into Primary School life. New friends have been made both in the classroom and out in the playground too. A big ” thank you” must go to our P7 Buddies who have been been working hard to make all our new Primary Ones feel welcome and safe since starting. Keep up the good work Buddies!

A lot of learning has already been happening! Primary 1b have been busy learning about the sounds “a” and “t” and about the numbers 0 and 1. We have also had our first PE lesson with Mrs Boyle and, in addition, we spent time in the ICT suite. All of the Primary One classes also received glowing compliments on their great behaviour at the first school Mass of the school year!

Finally a big “Well Done” to P1b for doing so well this past week and a half! Let’s keep learning!:-)


In Primary 1b this week we have been learning more about Our Lady, the mother of Jesus as it is now the month of May. It was also our class’ turn to decorate the main entrance and we put up our work on Mary. This included flowers that we made, our thoughts on Mary and some pictures that we did. We have also been learning the other titles that Mary is known by around the world.

We have been learning the “ck” sound in class in Literacy and we have also been continuing to do work on estimating and grouping in Numeracy. In Health and Well Being we have been reminding ourselves of what good manners are and when to use them.

Finally, we have started using our Compulsory Task chart and we have been finding it exciting putting up the different coloured circles against our names as we complete our tasks. We have been realising just how busy we are learning in Primary 1b!


Since we came back to school after the Spring Break holiday, P1b have been busy, busy again! The first week back was Holy Week and we learned about the significant days in this week and why there are so important ending with the miracle of Jesus rising from the dead on Easter Sunday. The whole school attended The Stations of the Cross together every day during Holy Week.

In Literacy we have been learning the digraphs “ee” and “oo”. We have been thinking of and writing words with these digraphs in them. In Big Writing we have had a look at poetry and we wrote a short class poem together on our current Topic of Spring.

We have started learning about Estimation and Grouping in Numeracy and Maths. In addition some of us have been using number lines to help us with addition and subtraction sums.

In Health and Well Being we have been reminding ourselves of how to be a good friend and the correct ways to treat others and also how we should be treated correctly by others too.

8th March 2019

Primary 1b have been learning more digraphs over the past two weeks- ch and wh. We have been enjoying practising our reading and each group gets the opportunity to go online with their reading book and do the associated activities which is great fun.

In Numeracy and Maths we have been continuing to learn Number Stories to 10 and we also did more Time work with the focus still on Analogue/Digital clocks and o’ clock and half past. In addition we have started to look at money and the importance of being able to recognise coins up to and including £1.

As we have now started Lent, we made a Lenten Tree in the class and we all wrote our Lenten promise on a leaf and added it to our Tree. In Physical Literacy we finished doing fun activities on the book “Room on the Broom” and on Thursday 7th March Mr Penman worked with us on doing great activities with a balloon.

Primary 1b latest Blog

Primary 1b have been busy with their learning as usual! We have been continuing to learn about The Church and the names of other faiths’ places of worship in Religious Education. In addition, in Literacy we have been learning new digraphs-th and ng.

In Numeracy and Maths we have been counting to 100 in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and learning more about addition. We have also been doing work on Time, both analogue and digital clocks, with the focus on o’ clock and half past.

Mr Penman is continuing to come into our school to work on Physical Literacy. Our latest activity was movement and tasks based on the book “Room on the Broom”. It was great fun!

What we have been learning Wk Beg-04/02/19

In Primary 1b we had a Topic Week when we looked at “Fairytales”. We had lots of fun building castles using differing materials e.g. blocks, Lego and sticklebricks. In addition we painted castles.

We also compared Food and Drink, Homes and Clothes between the times the fairytales were set in to the present day. The importance of Stranger, Danger was discussed when we were looking at the story of Little Red Riding Hood. In addition, through Play the children had the opportunity to engage in Role Play, promoting their Talking and Listening Skills.

We made “Wanted” posters for the Big, Bad Wolf where we spoke about the use of an exclamation mark for our punctuation instead of a full stop. Charcoal was used to draw portraits of the Wolf’s head and we looked at the features in a step by step approach as we drew.

The whole week was a great success and we enjoyed learning about long ago.

Our Learning-21/1/19

We have been learning more about adding numbers together, number stories and how to present our work neatly in our Numeracy jotters. Also we have been counting to 100 adding on 1, 2 and 10 at a time.

We enjoyed learning the rhyme “Wee Willie Winkie” to present at the school’s Robert Burns Assembly.

Our successes in school this week would include working very well in our first Physical Literacy session with Mr Penman and also trying hard to independently log on and off in ICT.



Our Learning in P1b

We have been learning about Remembrance Day and why we wear poppies at this time of year. In addition, we have been enjoying learning new songs with Miss Hunter, our visiting Music teacher.

We enjoyed having our first try at an Orienteering activity for part of our Outdoor Learning time.

Our successes in school are learning the sounds “g” and “l” and learning about the numbers “11” and “12”. We are also continuing to learn our Common Words. This week they were go, got and get.


Our Learning in P1b


We have been learning about Mary, Jesus’ mum and also about The Rosary. We also now know that October is a month of Mary. We are learning the prayers the Our Father and the Hail Mary.

We enjoyed taking an Autumn walk with our P7 Buddies and they also helped us when we had a try on our new climbing frames in the playground.


Our successes in school this week are learning the sounds “d” and “e” and learning about the numbers “8” and “9”. We also know the words did, as and he.