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Our Learning-25/1/19

We have been learning about using our reading skills. We like to predict what will happen next.

We loved our Active literacy lesson with Mr Penman. We were jumping and skipping and balancing. We are going to practise our finger game skills before we see him again.

We are all getting better at writing and we can peer asses by checking each others handwriting. Lots of people got a sticker for being successful learners.




Our Learning-12/11

We have been practising our words and have been trying speed writing ! This means we use a timer to see how many times we can write a sound or a word. Some people can write more than 20 !!! wow.

We have new STEM activities in our courtyard area and we enjoy choosing different resources to build and make things. We also have a game that helps us with directions.

And instructions it’s called “let’s go code”

We are getting better at taking turns and helping each other with our activities.



Our Learning in P1a

We have been learning about 2D shapes. We can recognise their names and tell you about how many sides they have.

We had fun doing our daily mile walk, this helps us keep active. We also learned about the SHANARRI song. We also had some great Halloween songs this week. We used our music bag to find instruments.

Osawases and Angela were our speed writing champs and Carissa can write all 25 of her common words!