20th March 2020

Well it was a strange day today. The sun was shining and life was going on all around. The children had fun with outdoor learning . The p 7s returned from an amazing week at Blairvadoch and suddenly it was over and everyone had to go home. We would like to thank all the parents who picked up the home learning packs and would like to let you know that there are a number of links on this blog site that will support you.
Everyone at St Vincent’s wishes you well in these uncertain times,

we  will pray that everything will get back to normal soon and hope you all keep safe.

bye for now



Primary 1b-Week Ending 6th March 2020

Another busy two weeks have went by for Primary 1b! In Literacy we have continued learning more digraphs-ch and ng. We have started onto the third Wordwall for learning our Common Words too! For Numeracy we have continued learning about money and some of us have been adding up coins to total amounts, while the rest of us have been calculating how much change we would get from differing amounts. We have also been learning that differing coins can add up to the same values too. In addition, we have been introduced to Time and talking about o’clock and half past, as well as analogue and digital clocks.

We are now into the second week of Lent and have been thinking about our Lenten promises. Some of us received our ashes from Father Hill at our Ash Wednesday Service. It has also been Fairtrade Fortnight and Primary Seven came round Primary 1 and 2 classes to sell us Fairtrade produce as well as put on a Coffee Morning for the older pupils. In class we have been learning how Fairtrade works and how it is all about people getting fair pay. Some of us have also entered a  competition which has been organised by Mr Coyle and Primary 7a!Our class have designed and named a Fairtrade chocolate bar each.

Finally a big “Well Done” to our latest “Stars of the Week”- Arwaa and Milena!