Primary 1b:Week Ending-6th February 2020

We have had another busy two weeks in Primary 1b! Along with Primaries 1a , 1c and Mrs Ahmad we celebrated International Fortnight which followed on nicely from our get together for Robert Burns Day and celebrating Scotland the previous week! We looked at Chinese New Year and had a “wear red” day. In addition we found out what symbols represent the years in which we were born and some of us made dragons while others made red Lucky Money bags. Two pupils in our class also wrote some Chinese writing for us to look at and discuss too. In creative we decorated cut out hand shapes in the Mendhi style from the Indian culture. The pupils found out, mainly from their peers, about the faith of Islam and we made Prayer Mats. We were also fortunate to look at and hold items from the Islamic Faith too. On the Friday afternoon we invited family members to come in and join us with other activities such as making African patterns and necklaces and Holi streamers. Mrs Ahmad also prepared a selection of foods from differing parts of the world to try. It was a busy and joyful afternoon!

The class have been introduced to digraph sounds with the learning of “sh” first. We have continued with our learning of the next three Common Words. In Numeracy we have continued with the concept of addition, number stories and adding by 2, 5 and 10.

In Religious Education we have started looking at “The Church” and through this we will also be learning about a variety of places of worship. Mr Tracey paid the school a visit and we put on our special Assembly for him, which all the classes worked very hard on. Mr Tracey loved the Assembly and was very grateful for the leaving cards and gifts the school presented him with.

A big “Well Done” to our next two “Stars of the Week”- Laura and Ghulam!


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