Our learning 17th May 2019

This week was digital learning week. We had great fun using Bee Bots with the digital leaders. It was such a fun workshop. We looked at how digital technology has changed over the years.  Mrs Boyle told us about what kind of technology there was in the 1980s and 90s and how it’s changed so much over the years.

We did a STEM challenge this week which was called the Roly Poly challenge. We used paper plates and toilet rolls or kitchen roll tubes to make a wheel. We then videod these rolling in the corridor to see how far they would roll. Most of them worked very well!

We have also been working on our flower bed in the Field of Dreams which was full of weeds. With a bit of hard work and effort from us all we have made it look good again.  6F608C2E-E1B7-479C-BD58-DE8AA6A48AE3

Primary 3b…….17th May


This week we have learned lots and got to enjoy lots of time outside because the weather has been beautiful.

We have been learning to make ‘Roly Poly’ toys as part of digital week.  We used toilet rolls and paper plates and lots of pretty colours to decorate them.  As part of our topic we looked at the Spanish artist Salvador Dali, and we drew portraits of ourselves and added moustaches to look just like him.  We now know his most famous painting was ‘The persistence of memory’.

Also, we had a scavenger hunt outside and had lots of fun. We tended to our flower bed preparing it for planting our seeds.  As part of numeracy, we took our metre sticks and measured things in the Field of dreams.