Primary 3b 3rd May 2019


In Primary 3b, as part of our topic,  we have been learning about Spanish words and practising them in the class.  Also, we learned about famous landmarks in Spain and carried out research in ICT to create a Spanish Fact file. We have also learned to measure in centimetres using our rulers.  Our spelling words this week followed the rule ‘ough’ and we created silly sentences at home using these. In Literacy we wrote rhyming poems and we had lots of fun creating these in partners. As part of health we were talking about being safe in the sun and we designed posters to raise awareness of this issue.


We have felt successful when:

  • I spoke Spanish words.
  • I created a poem that rhymed.
  • In P.E. I managed a move I couldn’t do before.
  • I measured lines correctly in cm.

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