learning week 29thApril

Where does the time go, its the Month of May already!!!!!

We have been completing our Task Charts this week and children are having fun with literacy. numeracy, physical and creative tasks. every day.  This is encouraging independent learning and creating responsible citizens who have to manage their time carefully. Children also get to choose which tasks they do first and when they will do them.

In numeracy we are trying to develop our mental maths and are working on the Topmarks website which has a daily challenge. This site is free and children can practise at home.

Outdoor learning has been a big hit this week and we have been outside 3 times. Lots of physical activities as well as looking after and developing our environment.

Have a lovely break .

Primary 3b 3rd May 2019


In Primary 3b, as part of our topic,  we have been learning about Spanish words and practising them in the class.  Also, we learned about famous landmarks in Spain and carried out research in ICT to create a Spanish Fact file. We have also learned to measure in centimetres using our rulers.  Our spelling words this week followed the rule ‘ough’ and we created silly sentences at home using these. In Literacy we wrote rhyming poems and we had lots of fun creating these in partners. As part of health we were talking about being safe in the sun and we designed posters to raise awareness of this issue.


We have felt successful when:

  • I spoke Spanish words.
  • I created a poem that rhymed.
  • In P.E. I managed a move I couldn’t do before.
  • I measured lines correctly in cm.

Our Learning 3rd May 2019

This week we have been learning about a Spanish artist called Pablo Picasso.  We looked at some of his work and we used oil pastels to draw our own Picasso inspired faces. They looked great and we had so much fun doing them! In literacy this week we were very successful at doing acrostic poems. We brainstormed lots of words associated with summer and wrote a summer acrostic poem. In numeracy we have been continuing to learn our times tables. We are getting much faster at remembering them! 

Super 6s Super Week

This week we had music on Tuesday morning and we did a test to see what we learnt over the past few weeks but sadly our music teacher Miss McCourt had to leave because it was her last week in St. Vincent’s. We gave her a card to show our appreciation.

We continued percentages, decimal and fractions plus we did a welcome to Silverburn task when we had a Nandos and Argos activity. For the Argos activity we had catalogue and we had to buy things to get as close to £750 we did it with word problems which made it a little bit harder. It was really fun though. For the Nandos  we had menu and word problems which also made it hard like Argos it was extremely fun.

And finally we did a bleep test with Gary our Health and Wellbeing teacher and it was also his last week with us. The highest number anyone in our class got was level 13. We did one before the and it was and this week the highest was 11.