P7 Blog w/b 22 April 2019

Students in Primary 7 have a lot to share with you this week!

In Art we produced some fantastic clown pictures based on the work of French artist Bernard Buffet.

In Maths we are using our knowledge of Scale to produce an accurate map of our Field of Dreams. We were also able to showcase our Mathematical talents to an important visitor to the school who was very impressed.

In Literacy we are using our H.O.T.S. skills to develop a deep understanding of our novel, ‘The Road to Freedom’. This book tells the story of an underground network which helped runaway slaves from the southern states of America to journey to the north where they would be free. We are also using a variety of strategies to enhance our Spelling, using our given Spelling words to create things like comic strips or newspaper stories.

The boys continue to enjoy their Swimming whilst everyone is enjoying Gymnastics with Mrs Boyle.

We also planted a variety of crops this week – potatoes, onions, carrots, leeks, lettuce, peppers and wheat. Hopefully we will be able to grow a healthy salad meal with enough wheat to make a loaf!

Certainly a lot going on in school – and now most of us looking forward to a fabulous week in Glencoe! Fingers crossed for decent weather…

P3a 26th April 2019

This week we have been learning about arrays in Numeracy. We had fun using pom poms to make arrays for different times table sums.  We also completed our daily mile this week along with our active schools co-ordinator.  We were exhausted! Our new topic this term is Spain so we  discussed what we already knew about Spain and made a mind map with all of our ideas. In Literacy we were very successful  at uplevelling our sentences.  The teacher is looking forward to lots more interesting sentences this term!


We have been learning about:

  • Measurement and we went outside and worked I pairs to measure each other. We learned about centimetres and metres.
  • Our new topic which is Spain, We spoke about what we know already and what we would like to find out during this topic.
  • Oor Wullie and how we have to design one that will be placed somewhere in Scotland.
  • Pet shops and we had to decide whether we agreed that they should exist and give reasons why.
  • Circuits in P.E. and learning new skills at each station.


We have felt successful when:

  • I managed to do well I each station during P.E.
  • I completed my acrostic poem on a subject I loved.
  • I completed my daily mile.

P1A 23/4/19

We have been having a go at writing our own news . We can write more than one sentence and we have started using joining words. We are also working on our talking and listening skills at circle time when we play spin the bottle. In numeracy we are developing our mental maths skills when adding and taking away. This term we are going to be estimating and checking using terms like… How many?  How much ? .How long?…

We have also been working in the field of dreams and have planted some Indian cress. We estimated how long it would take to grow. Our answers ranged from 9 minutes to 9 weeks..Hmmmmmm….