Primary 3b 22.3.19

In Primary 3b we have been learning  :

  • In Maths we have been learning about quarter past, half past and quarter to. We have also been learning to subtract with borrowing.
  • We have been reading our new book The Creakers by Tom Fletcher and we have been illustrating the front cover and discussing what we think will happen next.
  • We have been writing Amazing diary entries and using our imagination and VCOP.
  • In P.E. we had our dance finale and have been practising our gymnastics.
  • In ICT we have been using Microsoft Word to type up our ‘If I was’ poems and making them look nice by changing the font, size and colour. We also have been adding pictures from Clipart and Google searches.

We have felt successful when:

  • We came up with a good routine in Gymnastics.
  • I did my very best in my Maths assessment.
  • I completed my writing task.
  • I wrote my own poem and typed it up on the computer.


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