In P2a we have been learning about Captain Robert Scott, a famous Scottish explorer.

We enjoyed painting Antarctica backgrounds and drawing Scott’s ship.  It was called “The Discovery,” and we learned that it is now a museum ship in Dundee.

Our favourite activity was taking part in PEPASS Physical literacy with Mr Penman and some of our parents.


Since we came back to school after the Spring Break holiday, P1b have been busy, busy again! The first week back was Holy Week and we learned about the significant days in this week and why there are so important ending with the miracle of Jesus rising from the dead on Easter Sunday. The whole school attended The Stations of the Cross together every day during Holy Week.

In Literacy we have been learning the digraphs “ee” and “oo”. We have been thinking of and writing words with these digraphs in them. In Big Writing we have had a look at poetry and we wrote a short class poem together on our current Topic of Spring.

We have started learning about Estimation and Grouping in Numeracy and Maths. In addition some of us have been using number lines to help us with addition and subtraction sums.

In Health and Well Being we have been reminding ourselves of how to be a good friend and the correct ways to treat others and also how we should be treated correctly by others too.

Primary 3b 22.3.19

In Primary 3b we have been learning  :

  • In Maths we have been learning about quarter past, half past and quarter to. We have also been learning to subtract with borrowing.
  • We have been reading our new book The Creakers by Tom Fletcher and we have been illustrating the front cover and discussing what we think will happen next.
  • We have been writing Amazing diary entries and using our imagination and VCOP.
  • In P.E. we had our dance finale and have been practising our gymnastics.
  • In ICT we have been using Microsoft Word to type up our ‘If I was’ poems and making them look nice by changing the font, size and colour. We also have been adding pictures from Clipart and Google searches.

We have felt successful when:

  • We came up with a good routine in Gymnastics.
  • I did my very best in my Maths assessment.
  • I completed my writing task.
  • I wrote my own poem and typed it up on the computer.


Our Learning – 22nd March 2019

In P3a we have been reading The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark and working hard on comprehension questions.  We drew wonderful Owl pictures for a class display.  In numeracy we have been learning all about 3d shapes and we have also been learning our 5 times table.  This week in health we were learning about eating healthy and keeping our teeth clean. Last week we did our dance display for our parents.  We had so much fun and hope the parents enjoyed it.  Thank you so much for coming to see us!

P1A learning 22nd March2019

Hi everyone  another busy week.

We had a fab music lesson from Miss Hunter, short video on twitter. Children love these lessons where they are learning about rhythm and beats.

We reviewed what we had learned about Spring and created a learning journey. that is displayed in our class. We also hade a great IDL lesson about butterflies, that involved Science/life cycles  Maths/symmetry  art/creative  literacy/ talking and listening,  then we had fun outdoors trying to make them fly.

We are continuing to learn about money and developing our mental maths skills of addition and subtraction with the coins in our play flower/fruit shop.

We also have had a lovely donation of fruit from Tesco Silverburn for our Friday Fruit Tuck shop.

P1A learning this week

Hi everyone this week we have been very busy learning about Spring. We know about the names of baby animals, we can talk about Spring weather and we have been planting seeds and bulbs.

In numeracy we are learning to subtract from 10 and are also learning about money while using coins in our healthy fruit tuck shop. We have lots of people getting stars on their STAR CHALLENGE CHART.

In literacy Carissa, Tedddy,  Sara and Julia are our Star Writers because they can use joining words in their writing.


8th March 2019

Primary 1b have been learning more digraphs over the past two weeks- ch and wh. We have been enjoying practising our reading and each group gets the opportunity to go online with their reading book and do the associated activities which is great fun.

In Numeracy and Maths we have been continuing to learn Number Stories to 10 and we also did more Time work with the focus still on Analogue/Digital clocks and o’ clock and half past. In addition we have started to look at money and the importance of being able to recognise coins up to and including £1.

As we have now started Lent, we made a Lenten Tree in the class and we all wrote our Lenten promise on a leaf and added it to our Tree. In Physical Literacy we finished doing fun activities on the book “Room on the Broom” and on Thursday 7th March Mr Penman worked with us on doing great activities with a balloon.