P2b News

1. What have you been learning about?

We have been developing routines in PE and developing our ball skills.
We have also been learning our ‘igh’ sound like sight, night and light!
We have been using our knowledge of 19 to find missing numbers and counting to 100 in 1s 2s 5s and 10s.

2. What have you enjoyed in school this week?

We enjoyed drawing portraits of each other and using different colours to draw our highland cows.
I enjoyed writing my news.
Some of us enjoyed the school trip as we got to have popcorn!

3. What have been your successes in school this week?

‘I have done really well at my adding’ Oliwia
‘I am getting better at knowing my letters’ Caoimhe
‘I have been star of the week for my numbers’ Hayley T
‘ I was star of the week for always following the class rules and being a good rolemodel’ Theresa

8th February 2019


  1. What have you been learning about?

As part of topic we have been learning about weather and we all went outside to fill out our weather diaries. In Maths, We also learned carrying with Tens and Units and rounding to the nearest ten. We have been learning about the Mission X programme and did some exercises and learned about being healthy. In ICT we used a search engine to find out facts about Tsunamis for our dance homework.


What have you enjoyed in school this week?


  • Taking part In the skittle experiment
  • Learning the next part of our Tsunami dance.
  • Going outside to learn abut weather
  • Finding out facts about tsunamis in ICT
  • Going to the cinema to see The Incredibles 2
  • Making posters for dance abut tsunamis
  • Making empire biscuits and writing about it

3. What have been your successes in school this week?

  • Getting stickers for improving in maths and Literacy
  • Our skittles experiment went really well
  • Finding out 8 facts about Tsunamis
  • Getting a better mark last week in my spelling check.


P1a 4/2/18

We made posters about the Big Bad Wolf!!!!

We used our functional writing skills  and included a picture and capital letters.

We used charcoal to draw pictures and we learned about blending/using thick and thin lines to create texture.

We looked  at a real artist called Kandinsky and we created a colourful tree using concentric circles.

Our learning in P2a

We have been learning the Story of 19 in Numeracy.

We used our fingers and counters to help us make our own stories.

We enjoyed working with Mr Penman to learn how to “hit, go around and through,” when playing in the gym.  We practised tracking the shuttlecock in the air.

Some of us were in the winning house and got to the cinema this week. It was great fun!   We enjoyed the movie before it too.











































Our Learning Blog Conversation 4/2/19

What have you been learning about?
We have been learning:
Fractions and decimals (equivalent fractions and fractions on a number line).
How to infer.
New basketball skills.
How to write instructions.
How to create Agamographs.
How a recording studio works (Sky Academy).
All about respect!

What have you enjoyed in school this week?
This week we have enjoyed:
Art and design (Agamograpghs).
Visiting the Sky Academy and using the different equipment.
Unihoc games in P.E.
St David’s house trip to the cinema.
Basketball with the coaches.
Using the iPads.

What have been your successes in school this week?
Our successes have been:
Creating a recording of a news report at Sky Academy.
Learning new skills at basketball.
Understanding fractions on a number line.
Unihoc in P.E.
Completing various competitions throughout the school.

What we have been learning Wk Beg-04/02/19

In Primary 1b we had a Topic Week when we looked at “Fairytales”. We had lots of fun building castles using differing materials e.g. blocks, Lego and sticklebricks. In addition we painted castles.

We also compared Food and Drink, Homes and Clothes between the times the fairytales were set in to the present day. The importance of Stranger, Danger was discussed when we were looking at the story of Little Red Riding Hood. In addition, through Play the children had the opportunity to engage in Role Play, promoting their Talking and Listening Skills.

We made “Wanted” posters for the Big, Bad Wolf where we spoke about the use of an exclamation mark for our punctuation instead of a full stop. Charcoal was used to draw portraits of the Wolf’s head and we looked at the features in a step by step approach as we drew.

The whole week was a great success and we enjoyed learning about long ago.

What we have been learning wk beginning 4/2/19

In primary 1c,  it was our topic week on ‘Fairy tales’. We loved learning all about fairy-tale princes and princesses, as well as modern day prince and princesses. We learned all about castles, and we compared clothes, food, drinks and homes from older times to new.

Within our topic, we compared different fairy-tale stories, characters and settings. When looking at ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, we discussed talking to strangers, and why we should try our best to avoid doing so. We also created ‘Wanted’ posters for the Big, Bad, Wolf, as well as created charcoal drawings of the wolf.  Within ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’, we discussed the language of big, bigger and biggest, and this linked with our numeracy. We compared the characters from Cinderella and Snow White.