February 22nd February

This week P3a have been  enjoying doing times table challenges against each other. We have also been enjoying working with money in numeracy. We really enjoyed doing the Skittle experiment this week and after working in groups we wrote up instructions for our experiment. It was so much fun. We have been successful using Sumdog during ICT time. 

Super Sixes 22/02/19

It’s been another busy week at Primary 6 towers!

The hatchery containing the Brown Trout continues to be observed, analysed and maintained by Primary 6. We have witnessed a lot of activity with the transformation from alevin to fry on the horizon.

P6 have started submitting projects on “Iconic Females In Stem” with two children preparing to interview our Clyde In The Classroom biologist, Rona, next week!

In Numeracy and Maths , the class have enjoyed completing 4 quadrant coordinates and starting their new statistics topic.

In Literacy, children have submitted diary excerpts and participated in hot seating to help their study of the book “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio. The children have immersed themselves in this book and shown great passion and enjoyment for it.


What have we been learning about?

In maths and numeracy we have been working on our 7 times and measurement.  We used the ipads to estimate and measure lengths and distances in our class.

In literacy we read about Scott and the his race to the South Pole.  We created emotion poems and in art we chose an emotion and drew a picture that represented it.

For science we learned about the ear – how it works and how we pick up sounds.

In PE with Mrs Boyle we are learning volleyball skills.  Daniel, Michael, Leah and Eva lead the warm up.

We have enjoyed….

Eva – “I loved picking an emotion and drawing it in art.”

Teagan – “I enjoyed the 70 times table challenge.”

Amelia – “I enjoyed doing an emotion poem.”

Julia – “I really liked doing the 7 times table”.

Amirah – ” I enjoyed PE and learning to catch the ball above my head”.


Stars of the week – Ruben, for working hard in class.  Amyleigh for good work on her maths work.

AJ – “I wrote a lot for my emotions poem!”

Iman – “I did an emotion poem and an acrostic poem”.

Emilka – “I successfully managed to do my 70 times table.”

22nd February 2019

In Primary 3b we have been learning lots of interesting things. In Numeracy we have been learning about AM/PM and also consolidating our learning in addition with carrying of Tens and Units.  In Literacy, we wrote a set of instructions about our skittle experiment and we also wrote a character description on a character from The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark. As part of Religious education we were learning about the story of the lost sheep and we talked about all the boys and girls making their First Reconciliation.

In P.E. we enjoyed adding more moves to our Tsunami dance and we relaxed during our yoga session. We feel that we have tried hard with our reading skills this week and look forward to starting a new class book as we have finished The Owl Who Was afraid of the Dark. In ICT we learned about safety when on the Internet and we all now know what information we shouldn’t share online.

Primary 1b latest Blog

Primary 1b have been busy with their learning as usual! We have been continuing to learn about The Church and the names of other faiths’ places of worship in Religious Education. In addition, in Literacy we have been learning new digraphs-th and ng.

In Numeracy and Maths we have been counting to 100 in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and learning more about addition. We have also been doing work on Time, both analogue and digital clocks, with the focus on o’ clock and half past.

Mr Penman is continuing to come into our school to work on Physical Literacy. Our latest activity was movement and tasks based on the book “Room on the Broom”. It was great fun!