What we have been learning Wk Beg-04/02/19

In Primary 1b we had a Topic Week when we looked at “Fairytales”. We had lots of fun building castles using differing materials e.g. blocks, Lego and sticklebricks. In addition we painted castles.

We also compared Food and Drink, Homes and Clothes between the times the fairytales were set in to the present day. The importance of Stranger, Danger was discussed when we were looking at the story of Little Red Riding Hood. In addition, through Play the children had the opportunity to engage in Role Play, promoting their Talking and Listening Skills.

We made “Wanted” posters for the Big, Bad Wolf where we spoke about the use of an exclamation mark for our punctuation instead of a full stop. Charcoal was used to draw portraits of the Wolf’s head and we looked at the features in a step by step approach as we drew.

The whole week was a great success and we enjoyed learning about long ago.

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