8th February 2019


  1. What have you been learning about?

As part of topic we have been learning about weather and we all went outside to fill out our weather diaries. In Maths, We also learned carrying with Tens and Units and rounding to the nearest ten. We have been learning about the Mission X programme and did some exercises and learned about being healthy. In ICT we used a search engine to find out facts about Tsunamis for our dance homework.


What have you enjoyed in school this week?


  • Taking part In the skittle experiment
  • Learning the next part of our Tsunami dance.
  • Going outside to learn abut weather
  • Finding out facts about tsunamis in ICT
  • Going to the cinema to see The Incredibles 2
  • Making posters for dance abut tsunamis
  • Making empire biscuits and writing about it

3. What have been your successes in school this week?

  • Getting stickers for improving in maths and Literacy
  • Our skittles experiment went really well
  • Finding out 8 facts about Tsunamis
  • Getting a better mark last week in my spelling check.


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