Our Learning-12/11/18


We had our play activities with the  Jeely Piece Club and we did outside learning in the rain-it was great fun! We worked together and had to be good listeners.

We have been learning about Florence Nightingale and  ‘The Badly Behaved Bus’

We were very successful at reading to our carers who came into our class on Tuesday afternoon.


Our Learning-12/11/18

In primary 1c this week we have been super busy!

In Numeracy, we were learning all about 3d shapes. We worked as a team to sort each shape, and had so much fun in doing so!


In RE, we learned all about Remembrance Sunday. We sung “We’ll meet again” by Vera Lynn at our school assembly. We also created our own art work.

In health, we have been completing the Daily Mile each Tuesday afternoon. We have learned that this keeps us active, and healthy.


Our Learning-12/11

We have been practising our words and have been trying speed writing ! This means we use a timer to see how many times we can write a sound or a word. Some people can write more than 20 !!! wow.

We have new STEM activities in our courtyard area and we enjoy choosing different resources to build and make things. We also have a game that helps us with directions.

And instructions it’s called “let’s go code”

We are getting better at taking turns and helping each other with our activities.