Our Learning

This week in P7 we have been learning about: Diversity, The Victorians, Decimals and fractions, Reciprocal Reading and apostrophes in spelling. Three teachers from the St. Paul’s Maths Department came to visit us to discuss and work out maths problems.

P7 have enjoyed working with new teachers from St. Paul’s Maths Department, because they made maths fun finding how to figure out tricky word problems. We all rated it 10 out of 10. The class also enjoyed when Mr McLennan came in and was listening to us reading our novel ‘Dark Waters’. It’s about a boy called Col and his brother.

We all answered and asked questions using evidence from the text. We made successful predictions using evidence from the sentences from the text before .We clarified and checked words we were unsure about and Mr McLennan complemented on our lesson about reciprocal reading.

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