Our Learning-12/11/18

We have been learning about the history of the European Union, Brexit, Circular Economy and Energy.

We have really enjoyed our work on the European Union because it is so current with Brexit happening right now. We have loved watching Newsround and debating the same issues that politicians are.

We have refreshed our knowledge on angles and are now able to spot different types within shapes as well as the definition of a vertex. In literacy we had pens and good paper out for our final letter from the trenches.

We have been successful in learning about Brexit too!

Our Learning-12/11/18

What have you been learning about?

  • Profit and loss
  • Show not tell
  • Skimming and scanning
  • Learning spelling word definitions
  • Poem assembly
  • Brexit
  • Price comparison

What have you enjoyed in school this week?

  • Performing infront of the school
  • Spelling and math games
  • Writing show not tell stories
  • Learning how  to order stuff in French
  • Cycle safety
  • Reading our story

What have been your successes in school this week?

  • Brexit poster
  • Book scene drawing
  • Cycle safety poster
  • Character description
  • Show not tell
  • Star of the week
  • Spelling words

Our Learning-12/11/18

We have been learning about verbs in Literacy this week. We know that verbs are action words.

We have also been learning numbers to 1000 and have been putting them in order.

We enjoyed having parents and P7s in the help with Reading for Enjoyment this week. We also enjoyed writing character descriptions of The Gruffalo.

We have been successful in learning our 2 times table and working with numbers to 1000.



Our Learning-12/11/18


We had our play activities with the  Jeely Piece Club and we did outside learning in the rain-it was great fun! We worked together and had to be good listeners.

We have been learning about Florence Nightingale and  ‘The Badly Behaved Bus’

We were very successful at reading to our carers who came into our class on Tuesday afternoon.


Our Learning-12/11/18

In primary 1c this week we have been super busy!

In Numeracy, we were learning all about 3d shapes. We worked as a team to sort each shape, and had so much fun in doing so!


In RE, we learned all about Remembrance Sunday. We sung “We’ll meet again” by Vera Lynn at our school assembly. We also created our own art work.

In health, we have been completing the Daily Mile each Tuesday afternoon. We have learned that this keeps us active, and healthy.


Our Learning-12/11

We have been practising our words and have been trying speed writing ! This means we use a timer to see how many times we can write a sound or a word. Some people can write more than 20 !!! wow.

We have new STEM activities in our courtyard area and we enjoy choosing different resources to build and make things. We also have a game that helps us with directions.

And instructions it’s called “let’s go code”

We are getting better at taking turns and helping each other with our activities.



Our Learning in P5/4

What have you been learning about?

This week we have been learning about decimals. We know how to add decimals together. We have been working very hard to learn our six times table. We have started a new topic in maths all about 2D shapes. We can identify some 2D shapes in class and in the environment. We can also name some of their properties.

We worked hard at home and in class to create a spooky Halloween poem. This was part of our writing challenge.

 In Science, we have been learning about food chains.

What have you enjoyed in school this week?

We had a great time at our school panto called Treasure Island.

Some of the primary 5’s took part in a new play initiative in our school. This involves the children learning to become Play Champs.

P.E has been great fun as we have been learning to develop our gymnastic skills in preparation for Gym Fest. We also took part in a rugby session with a specialist coach who taught us some of the basic skills of the sport.

 What have been your successes in school this week?

Developing characterisation in writing.

A fantastic response to our writing challenge.

We have enjoyed being successful at developing our coding skills using scratch.







Our Learning in P7/6

What have you been learning about?

  • Checking division with multiplication
  • European Union and Germany
  • New inventions and new ways at making fuel in science
  • Learning about connections
  • Characterisation

What have you enjoyed in school this week?

  • Drawing our characters
  • Connections
  • Multiplications
  • Making Halloween decorations
  • Gymnastics with Mrs Boyle
  • ICT research

What have been your successes in school this week?

  • Completing my targets from last term
  • Handwriting improved
  • Imaginative descriptions
  • Doing my homework
  • Attempting long division
  • Basketball skills improved