Our Learning in P1c

In Primary 1c this week, during Literacy, we have been learning our new sounds ‘d’ and ‘e’. We loved using different play activities to help with our learning. Here some of us are using play dough to learn our sounds.







We also had music this week with Miss Hunter. We joined with some of p1b, and made good use of our singing voices.


In Numeracy, we were learning all about the numbers 8 and 9. We liked listening to songs about these numbers, and dancing along to these songs. We especially loved using pom poms to make each number. We love maths in p1c! Here some of us are using our fun activities.


In RE, we learned all about the Rosary, and how important this is to Christians. We learned all about Mary, and how she was so special. We created a beautiful altar to celebrate our Blessed Mother.


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