St. Francis’ Primary School and Nursery Class is a member of the Holyrood Learning Community which consists of nine primary schools, two nursery schools, one secondary school and one secondary school (Additional Support for Learning). See Primary for Primary Schools in the learning community.

Holyrood Secondary School
Head Teacher : Mr. L. Byrne
100 Dixon Road
G42 8AU


Pupils are normally transferred to:

Holyrood Secondary School (Telephone: 0141-582 0120)

Strong links have been forged between Holyrood Secondary School and ourselves. A great deal of thought and effort is put into the preparation of our pupils for transfer to secondary schooling and the liaison between primary and secondary teachers becomes more effective each year.

We are grateful for the co-operation, which exists between the two schools.

The series of visits, where secondary staff come to see our children in St. Francis’ and our pupils visit Holyrood to sample the opportunities of the secondary, are very successful in terms of allaying any worries, which may exist.In addition, a small number of pupils are invited to participate in the Bridging the Gap programme which offers additional support near the time of transition.

Each year the Head Teacher of Holyrood Secondary addresses parents’ meeting and parents have the opportunity to ask questions on any matter concerning their children.

Freedom to choose a Secondary School  is the right of every parent.