St Conval’s Primary School is a community of love, service and learning where all are welcomed, loved, forgiven and encouraged to live a good life which reflects the teaching and example of Jesus. All children are entitled to learn and play in an environment in which they feel safe, respected and valued and are free from all forms of abuse, bullying or discrimination. These rights extend to the adult members of our school community. Bullying behaviour is never acceptable and will never be tolerated in St Conval’s Primary School.

St Conval’s anti-bullying policy was last updated in April 2019 following a period of consultation with pupils, parents and staff. The policy takes into account the most up-to-date legislation and reflects the Catholic ethos of our school.

When bullying behaviour occurs in St Conval’s Primary, respecting the rights of all children involved is of paramount importance. St Conval’s aims to establish a culture of mutual respect and understanding and will promptly address the needs of those bullied, as well as the bully, within a framework of respect, responsibility, support and resolution:

  1. St Conval’s will take all bullying behaviour seriously
  2. A member of the Senior Leadership Team will carry out a full investigation
  3. St Conval’s will work with the young person who is being bullied to help them feel safe and find solutions to the bullying behaviour
  4. A ‘first offence’ of a minor nature (for example, name-calling) will be challenged and the child will be made aware that this behaviour is unacceptable. It will be made clear to the child that any further incidents will be formally recorded
  5. A member of the Senior Leadership Team will inform the parents/carers of any child who is being bullied
  6. A member of the Senior Leadership Team will inform the parents/carers of any young person who is displaying bullying behaviour to support and encourage the pupil to modify their behaviour
  7. St Conval’s will record all incidents of bullying behaviour in line with local authority and national guidelines
  8. St Conval’s will work with those displaying bullying behaviour to help them change their behaviour
  9. Where appropriate, St Conval’s will work with both parties to help reconcile relationships through restorative conversations
  10. A member of the Senior Leadership Team will monitor recorded incidents to ensure patterns of behaviour are promptly recognised and appropriate measures put in place to address these

Our full anti-bullying policy can be accessed by clicking on the link below:

Anti-bullying policy April 2019

All St Conval’s parents and carers are provided with a copy of the following information leaflet on bullying:

Bullying information leaflet for parents

All St Conval’s pupils are provided with an age-appropriate bookmark which tells them what to do if they are bullied as well as what will happen if they show bullying behaviour. Two different posters are displayed throughout the school highlighting key messages from these bookmarks:

Anti bullying posters


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