Primary 7 – Mr Steer

Hello and welcome to our class page!

P7 have had a busy start of the year. On the first few days we learned about the UNCRC’s rights of the child and we thought how we could combine them with our school ASPIRE values. The end result was this display which will be in our classroom all year:

On the left hand side of the LEGO pyramid we have rights that we thought were important in school. On the right hand side is class rules that all children and adults who work in our class will try to follow. We made these rules together to ensure our rights are being met.

We currently have 3 adults working in our class. Mr Steer is the class teacher and he is in class from Monday to Friday. Miss Sutton is a new teacher to the school who is here while Mrs Young is absent. She is in the class from Monday to Wednesday working with Mr Steer to teach French, Spanish, Art as well as Literacy, Numeracy and Health & Well-being.  Mr Doherty is in our class on Wednesday to Friday and as well as teaching the 3 core areas of Health & Wellbeing, literacy and numeracy he will also teach French, Music and Art.

To start such an important year P7 did some thinking about targets they had for the year. By re-using some AstroTurf and an old football goal net we made this display showing our goals for the year!

Term 2 – October – December

We are currently reading Theresa Breslin’s book ‘Divided City’. We are doing a lot of work about sectarianism and bigotry through this book. As it is based in Glasgow we are also going to be learning about the history of Glasgow as well. From the start of Glasgow in Medieval times to the rise of Glasgow including how the river clyde has benefitted the city. We will be learning about Emmigration and immigration into our city and how the Slave trade and shipbuilding contributed to the Glasgow we know today. We will also learn about sectarianism in Glasgow and the history of this in our city by learning about the history of Rangers and Celtic and how these two teams evolved into the massive clubs they are today. We Look forward to sharing some of our learning with you on this webpage!

On the 27th October, P7 received an iPad as part of Glasgow’s city-wide digital learning strategy. We are getting to know how to use these and how they can help our learning!

We have also started Gardening every fortnight with Leila who works for Royston Food Hub. Every second Tuesday we go to the Backlands and learn more about nature and many other aspects of the curriculum by helping to develop the community garden.  As the weather can be quite wild at times it’s always a good idea to be prepared for outdoor learning by bringing waterproofs and even a spare pair of socks sometimes!