Connect 2 – Mr Thomson & Mrs Young

Over the first term in Connect2 we spent a lot of time setting up the class zones and creating spaces for us to work with children in.
We’ve tried to create areas where children can work on areas of their learning, specifically targeting Health and Wellbeing.
We’ll upload some of the activities and projects we are working on very soon


One of the most popular features of Connect 2 is our Blob tree. We use this as a tool for all kinds of different activities that help children talk about emotions and social stories in a simple and fun way. Children sometimes identify with the images and find it easy to explain their emotions through the characters they see. We sometimes discuss how the blobs got where they are on the tree and the reasons why they are where they are helping the children empathize with others. We also use the  tree to point out that the characters can actually all be the same individual dealing with different situations in the way that we all do in our own lives.


Review and Reflect

Towards the end of pour first interventions in Connect 2 we conducted surveys with our target children that we had also conducted as a baseline before the interventions had started.

We got some very positive feedback from children showing they had found Connect 2 useful, enjoyable and relevant to help them achieve the targets we had initially established.

“I feel like I can focus on my work better, my goals are to get on with everyone, I’ve been listening in class very very good… I feel better about going to school”

“I feel better about joining in.”

” It’s so we can learn different stuff like how school is good for us. I enjoyed making confidence poem and the compliments wall. I would love different groups so we could learn about other peoples personalities.”

We also discussed our progress with class teachers to find out what was working well and what could be changed to help things run smoother for them. Teacher’s were keen for us to continue the work we were doing but to avoid morning slots as children can be more focused and settled in class at these times.

Term 3

In light of the feedback we got from term 1 & 2 we are now avoiding taking groups in the morning and instead support a few individuals with personal and emotional activities in mornings.

In the afternoon’s we currently conduct 10 minute peer review sessions with all children in the class working in groups of 4-5. This provides children with a chance to support each other in reflecting on one’s own behaviour and how it impacts on others. Children are also given the opportunity to build confidence in talking to their peers in a way they might not have before. This shall empower children to be better at resolving conflict and supporting their classmates.

2:30 Club

At 2:30 daily Mr Thomson and Mrs Young provide Health and Wellbeing lessons in P7 and P7/6. These daily sessions provide an explicit and valued time where children get the opportunity to reflect on their day, identify successes, worries, difficulties and opportunities they have. Children are given a chance to give and receive compliments and support others in their class.

Supporting Learners

In Connect2 we aim to try and make school an environment where children feel comfortable, have control over their learning and are supported to make positive choices.

We help to challenge some of our children by providing them with extra opportunities for learning such as this years Glasgow Heats of the 2020 Euro Quiz.

Children learn better when they are motivated. By providing purposeful learning activities, children can contribute towards projects  that benefit the whole school community as well as allowing them to pick up and practise a variety of skills.

Classrooms are busy and bustling places with lots of different people and can be difficult environments for children. Meeting the needs of all of our learners by providing a range of appropriate environments and learning experiences  is key to what we do.