PE with Mrs MacGillivray

Term 2 P.E

All upper classes are learning about Badminton this term (P4-P7) .Usually the younger children would participate in Tennis however it was decided to find out whether P4 ‘s could enjoy and develop in this game given the availability throughout the city of accessing Badminton courts with friends and family. Pupils progress their backhand serves initially, since it is easier to strike the shuttle with this movement pattern thus giving instant success. It is also the modern serve in doubles games. The children develop their skills through the game and when not playing they are expected to either Line Judge or Score for their classmates. Line judging is a skill in it’s own right and can also develop confidence . Also, at the age of 16 , individuals can be paid to line judge at various Badminton events throughout the country and the rest of the world. Please note! Children who have full kit (change of t-shirt and shorts/leggings) have first turn at games in a bid to encourage the wearing of kit.

The School of Sport

Last term, pupils were developing not only their Hockey performance but also their Umpiring skills.  The School of Sport Hockey coaches attended to scout for future pupils and left with 16 names. Well done P7’s!! They will return soon to carry out a further trial with the hope that some pupils will apply to the school for the start of Secondary 1. We are very proud of previous pupils who were accepted by The school of Sport namely Ethan Patterson (now playing U14 Scotland) and Dylan Bradley (soon to play international hockey!) These boys were prepared to take their own journey through life , out of their comfort zone and now are reaping the benefits. Pupils do not have to give up other sports. The School of Sport is about keeping options open and reflects very positively when employers look at C.V applications. The School of Sport looks at pupils for Athletics, Hockey , Swimming, Hockey and Badminton and is based at Bellahouston Academy. Applications must be in by early December for Mrs MacGillivray and Mrs Arthur , then submitted by the second week in December to The School of Sport.


Referee Initiative :

Any pupil from P4 upwards is encouraged to purchase their own individual whistle at £1 (bargain). In the Hockey and Handball terms especially, pupils will then use these whistles to referee mini games. This is highly worthwhile and is a skill in it’s own right. Each whistle and lanyard is placed into a small individual bag with the pupils name thereon and only this pupil will use that particular whistle. When Pirie Park have team games against other schools, pupils  will be invited to referee either on their own with an adult shadowing, or in pairs for confidence.

Reminder to parents…please ask children to wait for holidays until they have their ears pierced. This means they will not be missing P.E. and…..more children are coming into school with  false nails. On safety grounds pupils cannot participate in P.E.

New Handball Club !! P4-7 Monday 4-5pm Games Hall Pirie Park. Please, please, please support your children to attend this club. Handball is very big in Europe. It is fantastic fun both in competition and socially with pals. It is very popular with our pupils in Term3 and having a Govan club is fantastic. Monday 4pm!!!!!!!!!