PE with Mrs MacGillivray

November 2020

Fantastic News!

Eleven of our P7 children have been successful in being selected through the first round of trials for The School of Sport. They are….Ryan, Jan, Jamie, Lila, Darrel, Daniel R, Callum, Daniel.S, Leah, Kara and Jason. Really well done !
Not all pupils wish to apply for The School of Sport, however the experience of trialling, undergoing training sessions, even reaching the interview stage is something we wish to support and encourage . This is one of those lifetime opportunities not to be missed and going as far as possible in the selection process is as important as any other factor. Pupils trialling are not in any way obliged to sign up to anything. This is about keeping options open and making choices should the opportunity arise.
Very few pupils from across Scotland are offered a place however our children saw two  of our previous Pirie pupils on trial day showing that it is possible . Of past pupils who did accept a place , one is playing professional hockey in Spain and others are playing for both the GB and Scotland Squads. Do you recognise anyone in our photo?


Debora and Dylan ! So nice to see them.


Here are our candidates…













Well done to all who were presented for trial on the day and good luck to those through to the next round. The performance coaches will be back in January . We will keep you posted.    Any parent wishing more information please contact the school and I will make myself available to answer any questions you may have.      Mrs. McG