Coronavirus (COVID-19)

All current Glasgow City Council information and advice can be found here 

Latest advice from Scottish Government 

Sites to help when talking to your children

Childmind Institute


PBS Kids for Parents


For Parents and Carers

Stirling Education Psychology Service: a 3 minute video on how to support your child’s wellbeing during Covid-1

Dr Karen Treisman – A 4 minute clip demonstrating the hand breathing relaxation and regulation tool

Dr Karen Treisman – A 6 minute clip: An introduction to a sensory, soothing, regulating, calming, grounding box

Dr Karen Treisman – A 3 minute clip: rhythmic relaxation ideas including a butterfly hug


For Children and Young People

The Elsa Support website has an excellent story about the virus for primary children.

Dave the dog is worried about coronavirus.  A free downloadable book for children about coronavirus that aims to give information without fear.

Stirling Educational Psychology Service: A 3 minute video to show children and young people how to take care of their wellbeing.

Young Scot have a website specifically for young people about the virus. It explains what it is and provides tips for staying positive and talking about your feelings.

Young minds: What to do if you’re anxious about coronavirus.

Young minds: If you often find yourself struggling with feelings of anxiety or panic, Eve’s ‘self-soothe box’ is a great way to manage those feelings and help you feel more grounded and relaxed.