Fun Facts About Us

A couple of students have went round the school asking different but fun questions about them. So here is what they said.

Q. What is your favourite subject?
Their favourite subject is Art.

P1Q  Q. What do you like doing in outdoor learning?
Their favourite thing to do outside is hide and seek.

P2/1N Q.What’s your favourite colour of the rainbow?
Their favourite colour of the rainbow is blue.

P2kM Q. Whats your favourite Sea Animal?
Their favourite Sea Animal is a Dolphin.

P2R Q. What’s your favourite – fruit or veg?
Their favourite is fruit.

P3S Q. What is your favourite drink?
Their favourite is apple juice.

P4/3D Q. What’s your favourite season?
Their favourite season is summer.

P4C Q.What’s your favourite festival?
Their favourite festival is Christmas.

P4M Q.What do you like doing in P.E?
They like playing tennis with Mr Donnelly.

P5B Q. What do you prefer – McDonalds or KFC?
They prefer McDonalds.

P5M Q.What topic do you prefer – Space or Govan Rent Strike?
They prefer space.

P6/5K Q. Sumdog or Kodu?

P6T Q. What’s your favourite day of the week?
Their favourite is Saturday.

P6/7C Q. What do you like more –  Tik tok or YouTube?
They prefer YouTube.

P7N Q. What do you prefer – Football or Gymnastics?
They prefer Football.