P4-7 “Lockdown Lovelies” Mrs MacGillivray

Hi folk.
Here are a few ideas …..when you have time on your hands……You will have to ask an adult for permission if it is you tube of course!

Wednnnnnesday 24 June (MP you are with me on this)

Well I don’t think anyone is going to follow any tasks set today so  I have left you with a little video of me making a fool of myself (what’s new)…..I hope anyone who has accessed Lockdown Lovelies has found something useful or fun. Not being able to see the P7s is definitely not fun and I wish you all the luck in the world for High School. ( You don’t need luck , you will determine your own future folks) .
Well chaps and chapesses have a really great summer and I am looking forward to seeing you all in August by whatever arrangement. Be good. Watch the roads. Exercise. Keep drawing  and if you don’t draw…start now! Best wishes,  Mrs MacGillivray.



Tuesday 23 June – Hub

Monday 22 June 2020

Art- Courtesy of a P7 Technical Advisor and a P6 IT consultant I now have a you tube channel!! Woo woo. Soo this is my first effort …It is , I would say, a bit slow in pace so I apologies in advance …..will put it down to being a bit uncertain !!?? Hopefully I will improve! Wish me luck…So watch the you tube link and think what you may have in your house ….ask first of course, and give it a shot. If you find any better painting medium…than the ones I have please let me know and even better  attach a photo of what you drew / painted.

Coffee and ketchup painting video


Music -It’s got to be a Line Rider today folks…it’s a good one. When you watch the movement of the line riders, see if you can identify which instrument they are representing …try singing along to one line rider…if you can do this you are way more musical than me!

Line Rider – The Thieving Magpie- Rossini

Sport- Okay this is a bit like Art…but it is for the purposes of Sport! It is to provide you with a lightweight ball type thing which you can use inside when the weather is bad or you just need to be indoors. You can improve all sorts of skills with it….but especially good for hand / eye, head/eye co-ordination etc .

Task: Find lots of scrap paper , cellophane etc and tightly squidge together  to make a small football sized ball. Try using the thin plastic carrier bags every few layers to give it substance and shape. It doesn’t have to be completely round. Tape it to finish making sure there are no sticky out bits…..now try and volley it gently off various body parts….elbow, knee,  top of foot…the list goes on…Keep the ball for future tasks!



Thursday 18 June 2020 In school , no L.L apologies!

Wed 17 June 2020

Art – Zentangle. There is a video I made for this folks but unfortunately it is too big for this site. So I will just explain. A zentangle is just another name for absent minded doodling…it is very relaxing and everyone can do it. So find yourself a black or dark  byro, a bit of scrap paper and for me I would put some music on..cello or violin in fact the music link below is perfect …..!
Then just start making shapes….and keep going…don’t think about it…just doodle….relax and enjoy the music…don’t plan…just doodle…Here is one I made earlier…..

Here is the Music input for all you Trekkie fans……do people still watch Star Trek? Here is the you tube video

Sport- Hand/ Eye Coordination

You need ……A feather!

Start by blowing the feather up high into the air…try and keep it up there…..this is all about watching (tracking) the feather for as long as possible. Try very gently catching the feather in your hand….on top of your hand…on a finger…on your forehead…on an eyebrow!!…On your knee, shoulder….Then try something very contrasting , blow the feather up and over arm “snatch” the feather. (Completely opposite to gentle catching). I am suggesting an over arm snatch because this action mimicks overhead sports movements….tennis serve, badminton smash etc etc. If you try snatching up the way you will find that quite difficult.
Now…try to mix and match…catching with really soft fingers and hands alternating with snatch catch!

Practise well !

At Hub Monday 15th /Tuesday 16th so no Lockdown Lovelies On these days.

Thursday 11th June 2020

Make a Sketch book

No input this week folks . Apologies, at hubs . 

Thursday 4th June 2020

Morning folk.

Art- “M” at Art Club…you can draw as small as you like!

Since yesterday we had a lot of materials today it is simple. Pen or pencil, bit of paper and PASTA! And anything else which is one colour . I used a split pea, bit of rice etc. Just so we are concentrating on tone and the many tonal values the object will have…So! Air draw first, then observe slowwwwwwwwwwwwwly……..see the shape, see the different tones . Really dark. Really really dark. Really ,really , really dark…Medium dark. Medium light . Medium lighter….you get the picture..ha. ( Does anyone now know what “medium” actually means? Me neither.) Slow looking and observe well . Interrogate what you are seeing in front of you. Images of your sketches gladly received! Oh and have a look at the link if you want to see examples of tonal  values …………look at this link

Music- Got to watch this. Just enjoy it. So good.



The Puppeteer Artist has worked hard to get to this stage just like practising an Instrument . Think about  what passions you have- if you practise anything well and enough you will excel!

Sport- Given that many of my classes have their own personal whistles now and know the pain ( sometimes) of refereeing their classmates, I thought this video was relevant but also….funny!

Watch this

Seen this before somewhere……can’t think where………


Wednesday 3 June 2020

Art- Salt Light Catchers…..these are the ones we did yesterday at the hub:

You can also do this on paper or card etc which also turns out really good . But, if you can find transparent  paper, scrap wrapping materials is always a good one…like cellophane then you can do a light catcher. We used acetate sheets for these so they are quite sturdy.
Anyway get some paper/ cellophane,  Pva glue, a brush/glue stick , some paint ( normal water colour paints) , a small paintbrush, household fine salt and a tray/ large bowl. Pour some salt onto the tray or into the bowl . The rest is easy:

” Draw “ your design with the glue ( keep it really simple)  onto your surface. Hold the glue drawing over your tray or bowl and gently flood the glue with the salt. Really make sure you cover all the glue with the salt. Put your glue drawing on a table/ flat surface and now the colour starts! With a  paintbrush select your paint colour and just “ touch” parts of the salt to see the paint soak and spread like magic! Don’t make strokes with the brush, just touch the surface. Watch different colours mix into a new colour right in front of you!  Let it dry……We punched a hole in the top of ours and threaded string through it  to use as a book Mark or to hang from a window..Hence light catcher.  N.b Don’t use the glue too thickly as it will turn to mush! Enjoy and good luck!

Music- Watch the Line Rider Blue Danube  video

Task : Make up your own Line Rider on paper. Find a piece of music you like or can listen to or can sing in your head from memory. Focus on a tiny bit of it and with a pencil/ pen on paper design your own Line Rider(s) to fit the music!  Personalise it any way you want. You could do it as a cartoon strip idea if you wanted?  I would love to see any !

Sport- #pepassolympics events for this week are:

p1-7…. Mark out a 5 m distance. How many shuttle runs can you do in 2 mins. One shuttle run is one 5 m length.

p1-3…Mark out a 2 m distance. Put a target at one end ( could be anything , a big box a small box…yup). Find an object to throw into the target. Mark your throwing line  2 m away from the target and see how long it takes to get 5 successful throws into the target…..

p4-7….Get a skipping rope. In 30 secs, how many Skips can you do.

As usual your results can go into your teacher where they can be forwarded to me or you can just do this for fun! Make it a family event! The prize could be a Light Catcher you made earlier…!

Tuesday 2nd June  2020

No Lockdown Lovelies ( Covering Govan Hub today folks. )

Monday 1st June 2020

Maduinn mhath! Remember?

Art today is……using tapered line. Going from thick to thin or thin to thick.Graduated use of line. This does take a little bit of practise folks……something I should definitely do more of as my Art Club folk know, since I like scribbles so much. Anyway. Try warming up on your paper first…just like last Thursday try out some lines along the page.  Increase pressure, gradually release pressure….slowly increase pressure, slowly and gradually ease off pressure. Next. .. Pick an object with a soft ,simple shape and try a tapered line drawing. Think shape and line….Go for it!


Music!- Watch this you tube video

They are The MozART Group. Watch to the end. I want to be able to play the balloon!. Should you accept , the challenge is then to fashion yourself a bat and a ball/ a book and a tightly scrunched  up piece of paper  and try listening to a piece of music whilst keeping a beat with the ball!!!! Arghhhh so difficult! If you have a balloon…..? These guys are all seriously good musicians by the way..

Sport- This is the challenge today: Make up a sport / game which relies on social distancing. It has to have team v team format, no more than 5v5 and you have to use objects easy to get either at home or school…….

Explain it briefly.

Write out the rules.

Use diagrams where necessary

Send your game to your teacher and it will be passed onto me…we can look at using your games when we return to school?

Have a great day folks .


Thursday 28th May 2020

Bit late this morning folks….a few technology problems to say the least..!  I apologise if the You Tube links are not live today , really not sure what the problem is…please just type them into the search engine if they are not…worth the effort.
Okay, Art-

This task is about observing and trying out various types of line making. Find someone in your household to do this with for more fun. You each need a soft pencil or crayon and a large bit of paper if you have it. Take turns at going first. Make a line  of your choice going from one side to the other. Your partner then tries to duplicate that line on their sheet. Swap round and take turns. Try and be mindful of the line you are trying to produce. Try with lots of different line…fast/ slow, jagged/ soft, interrupted/ smooth etc. Also try changing the pressure , pushing down then releasing. Also…try using the side of your pencil/ crayon.
This kind of line possibility allows us to express ourselves in the language of mark making.

As you can see I did not have anyone to work with so I just did it myself!


Music-Ask Mrs Nickson to teach you this on the Boomwhackers!

you tube videoScoobie doo boomwhackers

As a follow up to the video ,you could have a wander about your house and find what sounds you can get from various objects? You could take a photo or video and send it back to you teacher who would forward it to me?

Sport- First of all if anyone is doing the #peepassolympics could you take any photos / videos and again send on to your teacher. Thank you.
This video is a MUST WATCH….really……! Danny McAskill is a guy from Skye ( see what I did there) and he has made a living travelling the world doing what he does on his bike. The music is great as well as it’s The Proclaimers! Health Warning: Do not try this on your bike.                       

Danni McAskill


Wednesday 27th May 2020

Morning folks!
Art-   Here’s a suggestion to develop your drawing this morning. ( I did this with the Hub pupils yesterday and they did very well. ) The whole point is to draw slowly, look and observe a lot and draw to the slow speed of your looking. Ok. So ….collect some small items from about the house, put them on a bit of paper and draw them . Simple! Try air drawing first, and whatever you do…do not worry about whether your drawing looks like the object…..it’s going through the process which is important here. I just used scrap wrapping paper and a biro ( byro?) pen. The shadows will change…don’t worry, just go with what you see.


Music- Piano and Cello Puppets Video

This is LOVELY…you have to watch this….This is Art as well as Music…..

Sport- The Pepass Olympics ( see last weeks info)  three challenges are :

In 30 secs –

How many ball bounces can you do? ( like basketball dribble)

How many football keepie ups can you do?

How many Star Jumps ( jumping jacks) can you do?

Remember if you want your results to be submitted into the city wide  competition e mail your teacher who will then pass onto me. I will then submit your results every week.

Go for it!

Tuesday 26 May- Hub

Thursday 21st May 2020

Good morning folk. Eid Mubarak for anyone fasting but about to finish.

Art- This activity will improve your ability to see…“Air Drawing”.

. Soooooo, take your pencil, pen or finger, find any object about the house or outside . Point at the object and draw round the shapes of the object in the air. …shade in any shadows. But…..mainly concentrate on seeing the shapes of the object and draw round these shapes. When you have done this a few times , with different objects , get paper and a pen/ pencil, find your object and do the Air drawing again for one minute …count to 60. Thennnnnn…draw what you have just draw but now on the paper. KEEP looking a lot at the object whilst you,draw. Only allow yourself one minute for this too. Repeat Air Drawing followed by real drawing 3 or 4 times. This could be part of your everyday drawing challenge? It’s a really good thing to do.

Music- you tube Stomp Video 

Task- See if you can write the rhythm they are playing in morse code……?….Joking!!!!!!!!!!

Sport- Find a couple of scarves or similar then watch the Video

If you like it and you do not have proper juggling balls – most of us don’t- and you want to develop from the scarves , then just tightly scrunch up bits of paper into balls and secure with cling film or tape. Gooood Luckkkkkk!


Wednesday 20th May 2020

Art-  Look up online  “ Vanessa the lost Butterfly” ( Fitzwilliam Museum Ed Team)

Listen to the story then design your own butterfly  whilst thinking about colour and other elements which “protect “ certain butterflies. Don’t forget to have a good look at the painting which the story surrounds.

Music-  Morse Code Torches.    – You will need…pencil, paper, torch, other person, dark room.  Write out a very short sentence. Don’t tell anyone what it is. Convert it into morse code ( the chart is below) . Make sure you leave big gaps between “ words”. Now find a member of your household to do the next bit  with. Explain to them about morse code. Ask them to write down what you signal whether it is a dot a dash or a gap. Put the lights out, close the curtains and signal your message with the torch. Remember to pause between words. Together, convert the message recorded in morse code back into words….does it match? Did it work???? Pick one morse code “ word” and tap out the rhythm….if this is too difficult, pick out just one letter.  Good luck!

Sport- This is a challenge from Pepass ( Physical Education , Physical Activity and School Sport Glasgow City Council):

There are going to be challenges set every week….I did some in the hub yesterday but you can do them at home. This week it is standing long jump ( p1-7) wall sit ( p4-7) and Step ups ( p1-3). You need to contact your teacher so you can be registered , complete the tasks and your teacher will forward your results on so that I can fill out your result sheet and pass onto Pepass.
See more at #PEPASSlockdownolympics for demonstrations of what to do.
Have a lovely day!


Tuesday 19 th May ….At the Govan Campus Hub so no L.L today.

Monday 18 May 2020  …………..Morse Code Monday Madness!!

Art- Using dots and dashes, in any medium…pen , pencil, crayon, you get the picture…make an image / drawing of anything , anyone..

Look at Shane Drinkwater…lovely images.

Look at Sarah Atlee…she sews and “ explores visual rhythms” making throws/ wall hangings.

Look at Yayoi Kusama….he uses various dot sizes. I love his Pumpkin image.

Music…….Yes! Morse Code Music!  Use the morse code chart to write your name. Then tap out the rhythm of the morse code that is your name. Do this repeatedly so that you learn your name in morse code and so that you are practising rhythm.

Sport…….If “dash” in morse code is a leap and “ dot” is a hop, make up a movement sequence which makes up your name …in morse code. Try and practise the sequence so that you are able to repeat it.
Hey ho…!


Friday 15 May 2020


Art- Google “ Access Art” and then go to “ The Nonna Maria Drawing Challenge”.
Listen to the story it’s really lovely and try the Art challenge underneath it.
Remember, a drawing a day as well will really, really, really……improve how you see.

Music – Remember to ask to access Youtube:

Can you see the drummer flipping the drum sticks? Count how many times they rotate!

Sport- Watch the drumming video above….Find a plastic ruler or a blunt pencil. Muck about flipping and catching it. Try one flip, two maybe……try slow rotations, catching just before it hits the ground. See how many you can get with faster rotations? Find someone in your household you can teach a specific rotation to . Snatch catch ! Then the opposite, catch gently with a soft hand.

Chanter/ Pipers- Please let me know if there are still any pupils learning chanter folks. If so I will try and progress something for them but if not then I will leave it out of Lockdown Lovelies.

Right!…off to do some virtual swimming in the garden to keep fit….ish





Sport- Blow up a balloon for an indoor game of keepie -ups  or indoor Volleyball . No , I don’t have a balloon either so……scrunch up any waste papers( cellophane works well) into a ball , sellotape If you can, to secure the shape. Practise tricks and keepie- ups. Practise the…….Rainbow Flick…you all know how I like the rainbow flick…Tips welcome!

Chanter- It has come to light there may be no pupils playing chanter now…..so unless I hear of someone , I will stop with the  Chanter/ piping suggestions.

Monday 4th May

Music- The Benedetti Foundation is going to run virtual workshops between 11-13 May  for any age , no musical instrument needed BUT you have to sign up before 7 May…so sign up today, think later! Search forThe Benedetti Foundation for more information. Should be really good.

Art- 60 sec challenge:  Find something to draw,  place it somewhere you can move around it or at least draw it from different angles…get something to draw with, something to draw on and a timer. You get 60 secs to draw the object before you have to stop, move round to a different angle and start again . A lot of paper will be handy unless you like to draw small like some people I know…Aim for 6 , sixty sec drawings……Remember, look a lot at the object, hardly any looking at the paper/ drawing.

Sport: In Athletics we would have been learning how to safely do this: youtube  David Stori-The King of Shot Put!
Watch for: Speed of leg action….Speed of arm…..position of the put in at the neck and the projection of flight….( find out what “ Projection of flight ” means).

Chanter/ Pipes- In case anyone is playing:

The tune you are practising/ playing at the moment….hum , sing or whistle it in your head or out loud throughout  the day to familiarise yourself.


Tuesday 5thMay

Reminder to sign up for an amazing experience through “The Benedetti Foundation“ …music and creativity , virtual workshop . Don’t think about it just book your place today!! You must be between the ages of 3 and 79! You do not need to know anything about anything….book your place before it fills up. This was publicised on the news last night so book now…..google The Benedetti Foundation for instructions,

Okay…..no music ,art, sport, or chanter today. A task. A craft task:

Please could you make your own style of greetings  card with a little message on it for the ladies and gentlemen of Florence House Care Home in Govan. They need a little message or a little picture to pep them up. The Govan Road Hub children made them lovely cards which were delivered and they were overjoyed. However we only managed to make 10 cards and there are almost 50 residents there. Could you please help make someone’s day? Anything with a message and or a drawing would be amazing….One of your “ drawing a day” drawings even? So….

Something to draw with….

Something to draw on..paper, bit of card from recycling bin…anything…

Make your creation

Write a little bit …could be just “Hello!” Or you could give a bit more news….

You don’t have to sign your creation if you don’t want to…

If you are going for essential shopping or your daily exercise Out with your house then that would be the time to hand your card into the school…there will be a box to put them into….

So the image below is not a card…but it is a little thing which could hang in a window.  Sharpies or glued on bits of sweetie papers ( yes….I ate them, in moderation of course) . I used a paper punch to create holes to put bits of string through. This is just a little thing which says “ We are thinking about you” without writing much ….or anything…..You could do the same thing with transparent plastic food containers….

Please tell your pals if you are on the phone ,texting that w e need more card- type things  made For Florence House. Thank you folk!


Sub task!, Hee hee. Find out whether “ ladies” and “gentlemen” in my first paragraph should have capital letters …or not..?

Wed 6May

Morning folk…here are some suggestions for today!

Music – youtube “Line Rider Marriage of Figaro”…………this is soooooo goooood. I challenge you to find out what the symbol means at 2 min 5 secs Of the video.

Art- Keep going at the drawing a day but today see how you can use different lines to create shadow…..yes I have a drawing of a tangerine for this:


Sport- Throughout the day today…..between yourself and your family try and think of as many activities and sports you can and talk about what attributes any competitors would need to be successful in them…..More on this tomorrow….

Chanter/Pipers- E grace notes ….

Play a C doubling down to A with an E grace note as you go down. Maybe repeat that 4 times, then go straight into a B doubling to low G with an E grace note, again 4 times. Repeat this pattern between the C to A and the B to low G .
Now as you practise this pattern of notes slow everything down and play really BIG E grace notes. If you practise these at normal speed with normal “size” your E grace notes will be tight and clipped….you want them to be crisp and relaxed. It feels weird opening up the movements and it sounds even worse but it  works! You do need to repeat this pattern and style of movement for a short time every day just like you would for anything else…reading…times tables…you get the idea…

Have a great day everyone….going to be hot hot hot……….

Thursday 7th May

Good morning! Today , Music and Sport are one! Watch this ( remember to ask an adult for youtube):

You Tube “ Stomp makes basketball music with Harlem Globetrotters”.
The Harlem Globetrotters…used to watch them all the time when I was young ( yes I was..) outstanding skill . There is a task with this..Find out what Beat and Rhythm means and then ……try bouncing or catching  a  ball or something safe to a Rhythm and or a Beat. …..But you have to watch the video…..Really.

Art- Use a torch or phone Torch in a darkened room to shine across an object to draw. The shadows will be very dark and the lights will be…well very light really. Draw  what you see and work on drawing the dark shapes and the light shapes. Muck about and maybe just draw the light shapes and vice versa. Anddddddd…… keep all your drawings…would looooove to see them!

Chanter- This should be the video which should have been attached yesterday…wish me luck…

Nope sorry folks. It would appear that any video over the length of time it takes to say “Video” is too big. Back to some Distance Learning for me and any suggestions on a postcard please….or just email..

Have a great day!

Monday 11 May -Inservice day

Tuesday 12 May- Covering at Govan Campus Hub so no Lockdown Lovelies but see you Wednesday!

Wednesday 13 May

This is “ One Task Wednesday” !  Because this is a very important task.

We have just celebrated VE Day. Could you write a little message to out war veterans at The Erskine Hospital. If you are up for the challenge you could write it normally and in Morse Code? Have a look at the code and transfer your message into it.

Feel free  to put your message on anything like scrap paper, cardboard, anything .Make it colourful, add drawings or patterns or just write the message…….If you hand it in to Pirie on your way to a shopping or during your exercise them I will  collect and send on to Erskine where the ladies and gentlemen will enjoy deciphering them. If you ask a question they might write back…..

-…. .- -. -.-   -.- – – – – ..-