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World Book Day Fun 📚

Last week Primary 1 has lots of fun taking part in different World Book Day activities!

On Thursday Primary 6 gave us our Book Bug Bags and we were lucky enough to have them read a story to us. All children got to listen to their top pick from the bag!

Thank you Primary 6 😀

On Friday we loved listening to some fantastic stories!


The boys and and girls were very excited about doing some ‘Reading in the Dark’ 📖🔎

What a fantastic day!

Money 💷

We have been having a look at all the different coins that can be used to buy different objects. We have been talking about how we sometimes need to use a range of coins to make amounts as we don’t have 3p coins or 7p coins. We had a ago at using 1p, 2p and 5p coins to make different amounts within 10p. The boys and girls came up with brilliant ideas with different ways to make the same amounts! 😊


Amazing adding!

Over the last few weeks we have been learning about adding and using different strategies to help us find the answer to our questions! We have looked at using cubes, number lines, counting beads and drawing pictures to find solutions! Fantastic work everyone! 😀

Creative Composers

Primary 1 worked with Mrs Brackenridge to create music that helped to tell the story of ‘The Gruffalo’ by Julia Donaldson. We used shakers, claves and triangles to create different sounds for each character. We loved retelling the story and adding our own sound effects!

Magic Measuring

In term 2 and term 3 we have been working on measuring the height and length of different objects. We have been using measure vocabulary such as shorter/longer and shorter and taller to describe objects in our classroom and beyond. We used paper clips, rulers and metre sticks to help us!


Our Community Topic Work

This term we have been exploring the topic of Our Community. We have been exploring the different people that can help us. We have been learning about lollipop people, police officers, doctors and nurses. We  had fun looking after our community and took on the role of police officers and had a go at writing some police reports!

This week in primary 1 we have started to learn about 3D shapes! We have been learning about cubes, cylinders, cuboids, cones and spheres 😊

In class we have been using these shapes to build! Here’s a challenge – how many 3D shapes can you find at home?

Some pictures from our fantastic builders…