Our Community Topic Work

This term we have been exploring the topic of Our Community. We have been exploring the different people that can help us. We have been learning about lollipop people, police officers, doctors and nurses. We  had fun looking after our community and took on the role of police officers and had a go at writing some police reports!

Primary Five on Fire!

This term Primary 5 have been working very hard.

We started the term with our assembly on London which we had been learning about in term 1. This was an opportunity for us to showcase our learning to our parents and the rest of the school.

This term our topic has been The Romans and we have learned about Ancient Rome and the Roman Empire. We talked about the Roman Army, Boudicca and the invasions in Britain. We have also created Roman mosaics. We have also linked the Romans to a number of our Big Writing pieces where we have taken notes and written a fact file and also a newspaper report on the invasion of Britain

In Numeracy this term we have been focusing on using different strategies to calculate more complex multiplication and division. We will also look at 2D and 3D shape.

Properties of Shape with Primary 2/1

Primary 2/1 have been learning all about 3D shapes and their properties.  We used straws to make shapes while exploring the number of straight edges in 3D shape.  We investigated faces through building with various shapes and building our own shapes.  We had great fun working alongside our partners to guess the shape, wearing blindfolds and with only their descriptions of the shape’s properties.  Have a look to see what we got up to!

Coding for Christmas

Primary 4 have been working very hard on code.org recently. By writing a coding computer programme they are creating dance routines and artistic designs for the festive period.

They have also been busy with a Christmas Challenge on Sumdog, using the class iPads and ICT suite. During golden time, they have been using their iPad knowledge to create short films using Clips to add music and filters to their pictures.

Primary 4 are definitely embracing the new iPads and the festive period.