Creating a School Website for FREE!

Welcome to the ‘Example School Website’!

Today, we are tackling something that I’m asked a lot – how do I create a school website on GlowScot blogs.  It is free and lots of schools are doing it.  For an example of a school website created for free using GlowScot blogs, look no further than my own school’s website.

This week is more of a vlog than blog, as I have created 9 short videos to help you learn how to create your own school website.  Each video is annotated so that you don’t have to listen to my voice!

I do hope that they’re helpful.

Have a great week, and as always please tweet me any feedback/suggestions to @mrfeistsclass


1. Getting Started with Glow Blogs


2. Customising Your Website


3. Adding Pages to Your Website


4. Creating Drop-Down Menus


5. Adding Content to Pages


6. Add a ‘Latest News’ page


7. Adding and Editing Widgets


8. Add Your School Twitter Feed


9. Make Your Website Public