Inclusion Base


In 2017/18, Lochend CHS welcomed a new Inclusion Base – a resource in our school which ensures that those with additional needs can be supported to remain in education within a mainstream environment. It has been specifically developed for young people who are experiencing social emotional and behavioural difficulties.

It is innovative, supportive and nurturing area of the school staffed by skilled individuals who work effectively and positively with young people who may face challenges. It is a fully integrated faculty within the wider school

To begin with, the teaching and learning of English, Maths and H&WB is offered within the base however, our goal is that each young person will fully access every subject area within the wider school. Support will be offered where young people might find difficulty and a bespoke learning pathway or individual timetable will be planned according to need.

At times a support for learning worker may accompany a young person to a class within the wider school, at other times young people will access classes with no additional support. There will also be times when a young person will need more individualised support for their learning and wellbeing needs within the inclusion base area.

Young people are placed in the Inclusion Base via the City inclusion Group. There will be times, when staffing permits that young people in the wider school may access support within the base to meet their needs. This is managed within the school.

The Inclusion Base holds a maximum of 12 young people and is afforded a high staff/pupil ratio.

Our school’s  vision is that within a positive, safe and supportive environment young people in our Inclusion Base will develop skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work; that they will enjoy challenges and experience success, and that they will be fully prepared to enter the senior phase and a positive destination beyond Lochend with motivation and confidence.


Mrs A Lamont
Principal Teacher (Inclusion Base)

Mrs D Kozaki-Livingstone  (Teacher)

Ms L Cassells (SfLW)
Ms C Wilson (SfLW)
Mrs S Reilly (SfLW)
Ms F Bashir (SfLW)

Ms M McDermott (Young Person Support Officer)