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September 24, 2019
by Ms Burrell

Learning for Sustainability

Learning for sustainability (LfS) is an approach to life and learning which enables learners, educators, schools and their wider communities to build a socially-just, sustainable and equitable society. An effective whole school and community approach to LfS weaves together global citizenship, sustainable development education and outdoor learning to create coherent, rewarding and transformative learning experiences. (Education Scotland)

August 17, 2018
by Ms Burrell


Mounted Police Branch Visit
S3 Modern Studies students headed to Stewarton to see the work of the mounted police branch. After learning about the work of the police in class it was interesting to see the role horses have at big events such as football games and concerts, especially as they headed off to work at Ed Sheeran the day we saw them. Pupils enjoyed feeding the horses and seeing the equipment they wear when on patrol. A massive thanks to PC Farren and her colleagues for allowing the trip to happen.

May 21, 2018
by Ms Burrell

Slave Trade to Fair Trade: Glasgow’s Hidden Legacies

Some pupils from each S1 class were given the opportunity to visit the People’s Palace, Winter Gardens, tour through the Merchant city and finally visit G.o.M.A. Their learning, responses, efforts and behaviour was exemplary!

“There was a painting of John Glassford and his family but there was two hidden people. One of the people was his previous wife who was painted over with his new wife. Also his slave was covered because he didn’t want people seeing him. He was a tobacco lord. We saw the chains the slaves had to wear and how heavy they were. We saw a collar that slaves had to wear and it had the owners name on it.”

“We held replicas of slave trade items, for example, shackles, collars and chains. We went to the Winter Gardens to find crops relevant to the slave trade. We were put into groups of four to find certain crop trees my group was supposed to find banana trees and we were to draw it and written down facts about it.”

“We held replicas of slave trade items, for example, shackles, collars and chains. We went to the Winter Gardens to find crops relevant to the slave trade. We were put into groups of four to find certain crop trees my group was supposed to find banana trees and we were to draw it and written down facts about it.”


“We made badges about things we wanted to stop or what we were against. We drew them then coloured them in. we made these in the Gallery of Modern Art.”

Working hard on their “Badge for a Cause”!



February 9, 2018
by Ms Burrell

Supported Study




Nat 5 – every 2nd week beginning 07/02/18

Higher – every Wednesday


Modern Studies

Nat 5 – every Wednesday

Higher – every Thursday



Nat 5/Higher – see teacher



Higher – every Friday

February 9, 2018
by Ms Burrell

S2 Geography Dynamic Earth Trip – 15th November 2017

Mr Ward, Mr Martin and Miss Smith took a great bunch of 30 S2 pupils to Our Dynamic Earth centre in Edinburgh. This was to learn more about our planet’s origins, evolution, landscapes and environments. It is always a very thought-provoking tour around this centre, with superb interactive exhibits and films that make you consider how we live on this planet and what we need to do to protect it in future. However, it was also great fun and a highlight has to be the iceberg competition – how long can an S2 pupil withstand keeping their hands on a real iceberg? Quite long it seems, nearly 5 minutes.
Thanks and credit must be given to our teachers, those who covered our classes but also the pupils, who were superbly behaved and engaged.
Long may this trip continue.

April 27, 2017
by Ms Burrell

Football Update – Mr Oakes

I’m delighted to say that the U16 football team beat St. Thomas Aquinas last night in a nerve-shredding penalty shootout and have now reached both the GSFA League Final and the GSFA Cup Final.
Venue and dates are as follows:
GSFA Cup Final vs St. Thomas Aquinas (10am, Saturday 6th May at Loretto Playing Fields, Bishopbriggs)
GSFA League Final vs St. Peter the Apostle (10am, Saturday 13th May at Loretto Playing Fields, Bishopbriggs)
If anyone is short of things to do on either Saturday morning, I’m sure the boys would appreciate your support as we aim to bring some silverware back to KSS!

March 20, 2017
by Ms Burrell

S2 Geography “Our Dynamic Earth Trip”: 16th March 2017

Another very successful and fun-filled trip was had by all to Our Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh. S2 Geography pupils were given the full exhibition and a new Dome Show as well as a real downpour! Thanks to all the teachers who helped us out, Mr Chainey (Modern Studies), Mr Heaney (Maths) and Ms Moran (Art).  The 33 pupils on this trip were a credit to the school and a boost to the sweetie sales in the shop.
Mr Ward

March 14, 2017
by Ms Burrell

Councillor Paul Carey’s Visit

“In February of this year my Higher modern studies class was visited by a local Labour councillor. His name was Paul Carey and so on that day I went down to the school office and brought him to my modern studies class. When we had arrived he began to tell us a bit abo him and about his work. Once he had finished fellow class members and I asked him many questions such as “what is the hardest part of your job”, “what do you enjoy the most about your job” and “what do you think of the Labour Party”. All of his answers were very interesting and useful for me and my class as he was giving us first-hand information that was very memorable. His information also gave us a better understanding of what life is like for a councillor, the work that he does and how truly difficult the job truly is just to help improve the local area and community. Thanks to his visit me and my class have learned a lot about our local councillors and when the time comes for us to vote we will have a better understanding of what to do and how voting for a councillor can help out our community.” Ross Travers, S5


“It was interesting to know how hard his job was. He wanted to change stuff, housing etc, by taking down high-rise flats, but this was out-with his control. It’s better to learn from people themselves rather than a textbook because he has more experience of every day things and he made us understand what work a councillor does. He was very nice, it was good that he answered everyone’s question as best as he could and we now know what to do or who to go to if we have a problem with something in our local area.” Aliza Ehsan, S4




March 13, 2017
by Ms Burrell

The Impossible

 The Impossible is all about a family that went on holiday to a country called Thailand. When the family were on holiday a tsunami hit them, the family were all separated apart from the mum and the eldest son. They were thrown around the land by the water then the mum and son tried to get to safety and on their way they meet a young boy and take him with them. The mum is badly injured so her son goes to help other people when they get to the hospital and he helps them find their families because everything is all confused. Later on the dad and other sons eventually search the right hospital and find the mum and boy and all head together. It showed us what damage a tsunami can cause and nobody is safe from it.
 Stephanie & Chantelle

November 30, 2016
by Ms Burrell

WW1 – Mitchell Library Visit

The Impact of the Great War falls under our Scottish studies and allows pupils to investigate what life was like for those in Scotland during World War One. Pupils must learning about the political, social and economic impact caused by the war and to aid with this, we visited several different workshops organised by WW100. As part of these workshops we handled artefacts, a great way to learn from history, we used sources and discussed the different experiences of men, women and children.


David said “I really enjoyed the Mitchell library experience especially learning about how people lived, worked and went through on a daily basis it was a truly great and interesting experience.

My favourite part of the trip was learning how women had to do they part in the war by chopping wood and getting an experience on cutting a log of wood. I also enjoyed seeing all the medals the British soldiers and Germans received after the war epically the ones for overall Bravery.”


An informative day with lots of hands-on experience!



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