Standards and Quality Report for all our partners

Please click here to view a copy of our Standards and Quality Report 2019. This report outlines the work of the school in our previous session, and the work we will strive to do in our current session.

The summary report is provided for parents/carers and partners to outline our achievements this session and our priorities for next session. Throughout this session we have taken forward our priorities as detailed in our school improvement plan. Through our processes of self-evaluation, we have identified how we can improve outcomes for our children and young people.

UPDATE: New Anti-Bullying Policy

At King’s Park Primary, we aim to create an environment where bullying cannot thrive. Our ethos is all about creating a place where people feel safe and included. This policy should always be read in conjunction with Glasgow City Councils Every Child is Included and Supported Guidance (Anti-Bullying).

Therefore, we have updated our Anti-Bullying Policy. A copy can be found within the ‘School Polices  & Information’ tab or by clicking here.

Enrolling a Child From Overseas at a Glasgow School

For enrolment purposes, foreign national children fall into the following two categories:

a) EU Nationals  (within the EU)
b) Non-EU Nationals (outwith the EU)

The paperwork required from the parents of both categories is very similar, the only difference being that EU nationals do not need a work permit, visa or proof of a permanent address. However, they should show proof of where they are living even on a temporary basis i.e. relatives, friends, etc.

All enrolments are carried out at the local educational establishment.

Internet Safety Day 2019

Today we had an assembly about ‘Being Safe on the Internet’. You can also watch our Top Ten Tips Video @ youtube. Our ParentZone has more information about Internet Safety

Please find below a list of sites you can use with your child to learn about internet safety and staying staff online.

We use a very simple rule in school, ‘Would you talk to stranger in the street? No, so don’t talk to one online’.


Sports Clubs 2018/19

In partnership with our Active Schools co-ordinator, I am pleased to inform you of the exciting sporting opportunities we have on offer to pupils this year. They can be seen in the table below.

We provide all children with an opportunity to take part in an After School Club or Lunchtime Club.

At King’s Park we recognise the benefits which physical exercise brings to our pupils. We know if children engage with more physical exercise when they are young they are more likely to keep particpaiting in it when they are older. Therefore, we provide pupils with pathways and experiences into a range of sports and healthy lifestyles.

On top of the two hours of physical education per week which your child is entitled too, these clubs form part of range of sporting opportunities which we provide our children with.

As spaces are limited, places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. If your child is unsuccessful in gaining a place they will be offered first refusal on the next available club for their age range.

After School/ Lunchtime Clubs 2018/19

Dates Club Year range
28 Aug – 2 Oct Basketball P5-7
29 Aug – 14 Sept Football P3
30 Aug – 15 Sept Football P3
26 Sept – 7 Nov Gymnastics P4-7
22 Oct – 3 Dec Football P5-7
22 Oct – 19 Nov Badminton P5-7
30 Oct – 27 Nov Multisport P2-4
14 Nov – 28 Nov Girls football P1-3
15 Nov – 6 Dec Girls football P5-7
14 Jan – 25 Feb Langside Athletics P6-7
15 Jan – 26 Feb Dance P4-7
16 Jan – 30 Jan Lunch Rugby P4-6
16 Jan – 6 Feb Football P5-7
26 Feb – 12 Mar Football P2
27 Feb – 13 Mar Football P2
4 Mar – 18 Mar P1 Multisport P1
5 Mar – 26 Mar Netball P5-7
7 Mar – 21 Mar P1 Multisport P1
16 Apr – 21 May Girls football P5-7
24 Apr – 8 May Multisport P2-4
15 May – 29 May Multisport P3-5