Meet Us



Senior Leadership Team

Hello! I am Ms Brown your Head Teacher.

Ms Brown

I am Mr Frame, the P2-4 Depute Head Teacher.  I am Mrs Wynn, The P5-7 Depute Head Teacher.


                                  Mr Frame                                                                      Mrs Wynn

And I am Ms Chambers, the Principal Teacher; working across the whole school, and based in ‘The Pod’ – our Nurture Room. I also have responsibility for Primary 1.

Ms Chambers

Please say ‘hi’ to us when you see us around school.

Teaching Staff

Primary 1

We are Ms Edmiston, Mrs McCormack, Mrs Kitson and Ms Grant and we teach the Primary 1 classes.  Mrs Kitson is also Acting Principal Teacher.


         Ms Edmiston                        Mrs McCormack                          Mrs Kitson                 Ms Grant

Primary 2

We are Ms Jordan, Mrs McFadyen, Miss Faichney and Ms Forbes and we teach the Primary 2 classes.


            Ms Jordan                                       Mrs McFadyen                             Ms Forbes                                   

Primary 3

We are Ms Marshall and Mr Chaddock and we teach the Primary 3 classes.







          Mrs Marshall                                    Mr Chaddock

Primary 4

We are Ms Kelly and Ms McClement and we teach the Primary 4 classes.


             Ms Kelly                                  Ms McClement                     

Primary 5

We are Miss Liveston, Ms Knight and Miss Moir.  We teach the Primary 5 classes. Miss Moir is also Acting Principal Teacher.


                Miss Liveston                                  Ms Knight                                    Miss Moir

Primary 6

We are Ms Leslie, Mr Dhillon and Ms Doherty.   We teach the Primary 6 classes.


               Mr Dhillon                                             Miss Doherty                                Ms Leslie

Primary 7

We are Mrs Batista and Mr Gibson and we teach the Primary 7 classes.  Mrs Batista is also Acting Principal Teacher.

                         Mrs Batista                                                                              Mr Gibson

Learning Support Team

Hi there, I am Mrs MacNicol.  I work with Primary 4 and 6 at the moment.  I also visit some of the other classes as well.  I work in the base on the middle floor.

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Hi, we are Mr Kevener, Miss Faichney and Ms Paterson.   We work with lots of different classes, team teaching, with groups and covering when some of your class teachers are working out of class or absent.


       Mr Kevener                               Miss Faichney                                Ms Paterson

Hello, I am Mrs Collin and I work with any young people who have English as an Additional Language (EAL).  I work on the library mezzanine and sometimes in classes too.

Mrs Collin

Hi, I am Mr O’Mara and I am the Active Schools Co-Ordinator.  I work across the whole school with the young people and their teachers on PE activities.

Mr O’Mara

Hi, I am Angela, your Family Liaison Worker.  I have recently joined the team at Hyndland Primary.  Families can contact me if they need support with anything at all, which helps them to look after our young people even better.  I sometimes work in school, directly, with the young people; I might come and visit in your homes, or meet with your grown ups whilst you are at school.  Please introduce yourselves if you see me around school.




Support For Learning Workers

Hi, I am Ms Jenkins and I work with Primary 2 most of the time, as well as some of the other year groups.

 Ms Jenkins

Hi, I am Mrs McAleer and I work, mainly, with Primary 1 and Primary 6.

Mrs McAleer

Hi, I am Mrs MacAuley and I work with Primary 4 and Primary 5 most of the time, although I occasionally work with other year groups.

Mrs McAuley

Hi, I am Mrs MacGregor and I work with Primary 3 mostly, although sometimes with the other year groups.

(image to follow)

Hi, I am Mrs Robertson and I work with Primary 2 and Primary 7 at the moment.  I also go out to play  in the Playground with Primary 1!  Sometimes I also help out with other year groups.

Mrs Robertson

Clerical Team

Hello, we are Mrs Robertson, Mrs Thomson and Mrs Symington.  We will greet you, help you find your way around and get you to where you need to be or to who you are visiting in our school.  We help the grown ups get all the information they need from school.  We are based in the Main Office, and it will be us you speak to if you give us a call on the phone, usually.


Mrs Robertson                         Mrs Thomson

Janitorial Team & Cleaning Team

Hi, I am Janny John.  You will meet me around school making sure everything is where it should be and working properly.  I also like coming out to play in the playground.


                                    Janny John                                       

Hi, I am Louise and I am the Day Cleaner in Hyndland.  I am making sure everything is spick and span, and any spills are sorted out quickly.  Remember to clear your desks for me!

Ms Louise

Hi, I am John and I help you get safely across the road to school.  Give me a wave when you see me at the corner of Fortrose and Peel Street.


Hello, I am Mr Withers and I am the Cleaning Supervisor, and James, Rose and Carolanne are our team of cleaners, also keeping things as clean and tidy as we can.

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Catering Team

Hi, we are Cathie, Amnit, Francis and Janice.  We make all your lunches and breakfasts (if you come to breakfast club).  You will meet us in the lunch hall.  Remember to bring your good manners  -we LOVE to hear them!

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