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COP26 Our Dear Green Place

Last week our Primary 7 children worked on a video submission as part of the launch of Our
Dear Green Place, Getting Ready for COP26.

We created two videos where we shared the work our establishment has already completed and undertaking for Learning for Sustainability. Our second video was about the ‘pledge’ our establishment is going to do moving forward and how we will carry this out.

Watch our videos here:

What our school has achieved!

Our school pledge!


Hyndland Primary Recipe Book

This session our Parent Council are looking at ways in fundraise money for our school. They are going to be creating a Hyndland Primary Recipe Book with recipes from our families and local community. We would love for as many people to get involved as possible and it would be great to capture recipes from every culture and nationality represented at Hyndland Primary.


If you would like to submit a recipe such as a favourite family dish, homemade bake, lockdown lifesaver or favourite tipple then we would love to hear from you! Please submit your recipe at the link below by Wednesday the 21st of April.

Family submission:


Alternatively, if you are a local restaurant, bakery, eatery, or chef, we would love for you to share a recipe with us to be included in the book. We would also like to hear what inspired you to start cooking/baking/making to encourage our young people to start their creative journeys! You can submit your recipe at the link below by Wednesday the 21st of April.

Restaurant, bakery, eatery, or chef submission form: