Words for the World Competition

Within Hyndland Primary we are lucky to have pupils and families from all over the world.

We’re hoping to celebrate this more over the coming year and would like to share a competition run by SCILT (Scotland’s National Centre for Languages) with families to get us started.

Malala Yousafzai said:
“We must believe in the power and the strength of our words. Our words can change the world.”
Inspired by Malala’s words, we would love you to use your words to show how the world can be a better place. This could be about climate change, helping the environment, how we treat one another, equality – whichever area you are most concerned about, or would most like to see change.

Your challenge:
-Use a language (or languages) other than English to show your ideas, hopes or even advice for our world.
-It can be in any format, for example a poem, an essay, a song, a cartoon – be creative!
-There is no minimum or maximum number of words!
-Judging categories: P1-4 and P5-7.
-Individual or group entries are welcome.
-Entries will be judged on language use, content and creativity.
-Winners will be announced at an online event at the time of the COP26 summit.
-If an entry is in a language not usually taught within schools, please include an English translation.

If you would like to enter please ask your teacher for a consent form which they can get from Mrs Batista (P7B). Could all entries please be returned to school by Friday 17th of October in order for us to scan them and submit them.

We look forward to seeing your entries and to being able to display them in our school!

SCILT Words for the World competition flyer