Meeting Learner’s Needs

The school has a duty to ensure that all pupils have equal access to the curriculum, with appropriate support for their needs if required. This applies to the content of lessons, teaching strategies and minor adaptations to the school environment. There are a wide range of factors which may act as a barrier to learning. We are committed to working closely with parents and carers to ensure that they are fully involved in any decisions about support for their children’s needs.

Some of the ways we support children in their learning are:

·         Providing Nurture support to help children settle into school life
·         Providing specific English Language Support with our EAL staff
·         Providing additional maths support for new learners
·         Supporting dyslexic children with daily active literacy strategies
·         Targetting Support for Learning staff to children with specific needs
·         Reducing core Literacy and Numeracy class sizes where possible
·         Team teaching Literacy in the P1 classes
Any parent or carer with concerns about their child’s needs or seeking further advice regarding this policy should contact the Headteacher in the first instance. Miss Kirsteen Kennedy, DHT, has responsibility for Additional Support Needs for pupils.
Further information relating to additional support needs is available on the Glasgow City Council website –