Capacity and Nursery Hours

Nursery Capacity:
Our nursery can accommodate a maximum of 80 part time places, 40 in the morning and 40 in the afternoon.
Currently we do not have staffing to allow flexibility of whole day placements.
Nursery places are allocated to children who are 3 or 4 years old. Allocation is done throughout the year at Local Admissions Panels in accordance with the guidelines  of Glasgow Education Early Years’ Service.
If a place is not available you will be offered another place in the next nearest nursery. If you accept this place then your child’s name will be removed from our waiting list and you will not be able to transfer your child to our class at a later date.
If you choose to refuse this alternative place we will keep your child’s name on our list and offer you a place as soon as one becomes available.

Nursery Hours
Monday to Friday:       8.35 am – 11.45 a.m
1pm – 4.10pm.

Children are given a healthy snack and we look for a voluntary contribution of £3 per week for this and our Toy Fund.