Dear Parents and Carers,

We hope you and your family are well.  Following new advice from the Scottish Government (30.7.20) and Glasgow City Council Education Services (3.8.20), we have been working hard to create a new and detailed plan for the full reopening of school to all children.

Our school will open to pupils from Wednesday 12th of August. To promote a smooth transition we have altered the school hours for some children to accommodate age and stage of each pupil. Breakfast club and lunch arrangements will be shared as soon as I can.

Please note that almost all classes will be coming into and out of school via the MUGA. Pupils will be brought to the gate at the school side of the area. Exiting this area should occur via the gate at the opposite end to promote a one way system.


Class Entry and exit to school.

Supervised by school staff only

Time start


Time end/pick up times Parent/carer drop off and collection area
P1 Infant P1 side gate 11am Wednesday 2pm finish

Thurs/Fri Collect between 2:00 -2:45

P1 gate at the side of the P1 classroom (close to janitors house)
P2/1 Infant P1 door 11am P1 Wednesday 2pm finish. P2 Between 2:00 and 2:45

P1 and P2  Thurs/Fri Collect between 2:00 -2:45

Infant door at front of school

(Meet at ramp at front of school)

P2 Infant P2 door 11am Collect between 2:00 -2:45 MUGA
P3 Infant  P2 door 10am Collect between 2:30 -3:00 MUGA
P4 Front playground door (P3 door) 8:45 Finish 2:45pm MUGA
P5 Front playground door (P3) 9:00 Finish 3pm MUGA
P6 Dinner hall door 8:45 Finish 2:45pm MUGA
P7 Dinner hall door




Finish 3pm MUGA

Arrangements when dropping off and/or collecting your child from school:

We want to assure you that we have been, and are doing, everything we can to open the school as quickly as possible to all children and to provide the very best experience for your child when we do.  Staggered start and end times are in place to minimise the size of groups coming in and out of the school.

We encourage all adults to wear face coverings or masks outside the school gates or in the MUGA.  All adults should also seek to maintain a 2-metre physical distance from others.   We wish to protect the school community as far as possible and appreciate your support with these arrangements.  We apologise in advance that any visits by parents or carers cannot take place without an appointment. This is to minimise adults in the building and promote reduction of possible infection.

Face coverings

Many staff will be wearing face masks at different parts of the day. For some, this may only be at drop and collection times due to the increased number of adults present. Pupil health and safety is very important to us and just as importantly, so is that of our staff. Research referred to in Scottish Government guidelines indicates the risk of pupil to pupil infection is very low however staff are required to keep a 2m distance between themselves and between themselves and the pupils. Any pupils wishing to wear a mask may do so but current research indicates this is not required for the age range of our pupils.

Next steps

All P1 to P7 pupils will attend school on a full-time basis from Monday 17th of August. P1-P3 will attend the full day with staggered start and end times.  P4 –P7 times will not be altered unless we find the staggered time given is not working effectively.

I can confirm that school bags can be brought to school. These will be left, as normal, in cloakrooms. Pupils are welcome to bring pencil cases etc but should not share these with their peers. No toys or non-related school items should be in the school bag. We strongly discourage older pupils bring mobile phones to school but recognise that on occasion, this may be required for adult contact before and after school.

We do hope that you are able to manage the practicalities of the transition days and we look forward to seeing our children and families again.   We appreciate some of you will have questions about the arrangements we are putting in place to mitigate against the potential spread of COVID 19, and we will share further details of these very soon.  We can assure you that we will be doing all we can and that these have been an integral and essential part of our planning for the reopening of school and when  we have access to clerical support we will be in touch with further information.

Yours sincerely,

M Baker

Head Teacher, Cadder Primary School


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