Work Experience

Work experience greatly enriches the curriculum, helping pupils develop the necessary skills for future employability. It gives pupils a valuable insight into the World of Work and has a positive impact on their motivation and determination to succeed when back at school. As well as this, it allows pupils to stand out from other students when completing applications for employment or further education.

To date, Glasgow schools have offered work experience that was based primarily based on the standard model of a block week placement in S4. These placements relied heavily on the allocation of centrally coordinated placements made available to all schools. It was felt by many that this model did not promote the flexibility and customised experience that is promoted by Curriculum for Excellence. A more flexible model was preferable, where there was a move away from the ‘bottleneck’ in S4, allowing for more quality placements that were better suited to pupils’ core areas of study and their career aspirations.

In order to maximise the benefits of work experience and ensure quality placements for our pupils, Bellahouston Academy has adopted a model that combines both approaches. For the session 2016/17 there will be an allocated week of centrally co-ordinated placements. This will be the week commencing 29th May 2017. There will, however be the possibility of securing a placement outwith this time.

Further detailed information about the processes involved will be issued at the start of the new term. However, at this time, I felt it important to draw your attention to a few key points.

Self found placements are very important to the above process, allowing specific matching of interests to opportunities. However, all placements must hold Employer’s liability insurance. This involves risk assessment and can be a lengthy process. It is important to start this process as early as possible.

If you think that this is the route that you wish your child to take, then please notify the school as early as possible once you have identified where you would like this to be. This will allow us to issue the relevant forms and begin the process of completing necessary Health and Safety checks.