Film City Glasgow/Film City Futures Opportunity

JUMPCUT is an intensive program delivered by Film City Futures in association with Film City Glasgow and Sigma Films. In early 2016, around 20 young people aged between 16 and 25 will form a production company that will make a professional short film.

JUMPCUT is looking for applications from young people from diverse backgrounds across Scotland who can demonstrate a passion for film and television and a commitment to work hard. Applicants don’t need to have a huge amount of experience but they will be looking for evidence of their interest in film and filmmaking as a potential career.

 They are as keen to hear from young people interested in hair, makeup and wardrobe as well as the more easily recognised roles like camera, sound, directing and producing. They will consider transferable skills e.g. theatre, music and dance production and are particularly interested in reaching the young person who wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to go to film school or similar training.

The deadline for applications is 29th February 2016.

Application pack is available at or contact for further enquiries