Formal Assessment Period Overview

This Formal Assessment Period Overview should reflect discussions pupils have already undertaken with their class teachers, and the information issued on online platforms such as Teams and Show My Homework. It will give pupils and their parents an indication of the assessments to be undertaken in the April Formal Assessment Period; information on the May Formal Assessment Period will follow in due course. Whilst it may be the case that some young people will have a number of assessments across a wide range of subject areas taking place within these Formal Assessment periods, I would encourage them to remember that these individual assessments are generally significantly shorter than a traditional “prelim” exam. In addition to this, many of the individual assessments (and particularly those undertaken in the April Formal Assessment Period) will cover only specific aspects of course content, rather than the full breadth of the course. I can reassure you that we have been careful to ensure that the volume of assessment our young people will undertake is reflective of SQA guidance; the assessment burden will be no greater than is required.

April Formal Assessment Period Overview