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Should school students have access to Wi-Fi?


Teenagers all over the UK love Wi-Fi, it’s practically a part of their lives now. We’ve been doing research and asking teachers and pupils in school to see if it’s a good idea for pupils to have access to free Wi-Fi in school.

We interviewed a few teachers in Bellahouston Academy to see what they think of free Wi-Fi in school. Here’s what some of them said, Mr Keatings the Deputy Head of Bellahouston Academy said “If we were to get the school Wi-Fi the students would have to be responsible and only use it for work” he also said the password would be given to everyone as that would be most fair. “I think pupils would use it more than staff”, continued Mr Keatings.

We asked him if it would cost a lot and if there would be a budget for the price, he said “it would be very expensive, we would need a license which is also very expensive but we are looking into it for the future”. We also asked a teacher from the maths department, Miss Lamond, we asked her the same questions. She said “the Wi-Fi should just be for staff” and “Wi-Fi would cost a lot, and I don’t know where all the money would come from”.pie chart

BBC News School Report team also interviewed pupils in S1. Here is what Abby said, “I don’t think pupils will use their phones more in class but they will use it more at interval and lunchtime because they have access to free Wi-Fi” we also asked if she would find Wi-Fi useful, she said “Yes, it would be useful as pupils could search for relevant stuff on the internet” she also said that pupils would use it more due to all of the social media. Conor was also interviewed from S1, here’s what he had to say “yes it would be useful as people might need access to Wi-Fi for any types of emergencies but also there is a downside as pupils will also use their phones a lot more in class”

Now that we have finished our investigations on Wi-Fi in Secondary schools we’ve come to a conclusion that Wi-Fi is a very popular idea and schools are very fond of this but only time will tell whether this idea will take place.

By Maryam (12), Sara (12) and Mirna (12)



  1. I think your story is true and my opinion on free Wi-Fi in the school is yes because I go to bellahoustoun and I think we should be allowed to have access to school Wi-Fi. and well-done to mirna, sara and Maryam. And I think you should put more stories on the website.
    well-done to Bella BBC news school report
    xxx <3

  2. very well-done to my daughter mirna and the others in her class. I think it will be a good idea to have free Wi-Fi in the school and its not wrong to use some technology in the school.
    and again well-done to Bella BBC news school report.

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