The Waid Academy

Multi Pertransibunt Et Augebitur Scientia


The Waid Academy Staff List
Rector Mrs E Smart Business Manager Mrs D Redman
DHT (Acting) Mr S Duncan
DHT Mrs S Ferguson
PTC (Social Subjects) (Acting) Mr C Moller PTC (Technologies) Mr S Logan
PTC (HWB) Mr W Hughes PTC (Languages) Miss C Wrigley
PTC (Exp Arts) Mr C MccLeod PTC (Maths/IT) Mr S Letham
PTC (Sciences) Mrs G Ogilvie
PTC (Pupil Support) Mr D McGuigan PTC (Pupil Support) Ms C O’Donnell
PTC (Pupil Support) Mrs I Henderson PTC (Support for Learning) Mr I Urquhart
English Mrs A Butler Maths Mr S Letham (PTC)
Mr P Robinson   Mr J Anderson
Miss L McCallum   Dr V Montgomery
Mrs K Laurie   Ms L O’Donnell
Mr S Blair   Mr D McGuigan (PTPS)
Mrs A Brown   Mrs E Woods
Mrs J Logan Computing Mr G Black
Social Subjects Sciences
RME Miss D Jervis Chemistry Mrs G Ogilvie (PTC)
History Mr C Moller (Acting PTC) Mrs L Henderson
Miss E Crabb (Probationer) Mr N Pirie (Probationer)
Mrs L Ferguson Biology Mrs A Pearson
Mrs C Moncrieff Miss N McElroy
History/Modern Studies Miss D Herd Mrs G Davidson
Modern Studies Mr D Walker Miss A Patterson
Geography Miss K Braid Physics Mr T Lillico
 Miss C Christie (Probationer) Mr G McGregor
 Psychology  Ms C O’Donnell (PTPS)
Technologies Expressive Arts
Business Education Mr S Logan (PTC) Music Mr C McLeod (PTC)
Mrs J Mitchell Mrs J Mackay
Mr R Bennett (Probationer) Art and Design Mrs J Latona
 DET Mr M McInally Mr G Murray
Miss Y Robertson Mr J Eaves
 CFT Miss N Corlette Drama Mrs C Garrie
 Mrs I Henderson (PTPS)
Health and Wellbeing Mr W Hughes (PTC) Modern Languages Miss C Wrigley (PTC)
Mr F Gibbons Mr L Gauffre
Miss J Craig Mrs C Hoy
Mrs A Anderson
 Miss E Hall (Probationer)
Support for Learning Mr I Urquhart (PTC) PSA Mrs E Laing
  Mrs R Taylor   Mrs S Urquhart
  Miss H Thornton (Probationer)   Mrs J Hogg
  Mrs A Birrell   Mrs A Kwiatkowski
  Mrs J Richards   Mrs D Wilson
  Mrs L McLuskie  
  Mrs L McDougall  
Senior Technicians   Mr J Ogilvie Technicians Mr A Fyall (on secondment)

Mr L George

Mr D Smith

Clerical Admin Mrs A Kilgour (Admin Co-ordinator)
  Mrs S Crowe  
  Miss S Gardner  
  Mrs W Knight  
  Mrs J Penman  
  Mrs K Reekie  
Janitorial Mr G Sorley Community Use Mrs M Samson
  Mr P Tilbrook   Mrs M Clark
Mrs C McMonigle  

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